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May 2018
May 15 2018 12:18
@DanielNetzer you can use [matTooltip]="valTooltipLit" in html, then set the value of valToolTipLit in your component.
hemanth poluru
May 15 2018 16:50
Can anyone direct me in a right way on how to develop an facebook style notification button in angular and ng-boostrap
Cody Seibert
May 15 2018 16:51
I'm trying to make change to the material2 project, and I want to reflect those changes in my UI which is using material2. Does anyone have link to docs about how to use "npm link" between my material2 fork and my UI so I can develop and look at my changes live?
oh wait, this is the angularjs material gitter
^ disregard
May 15 2018 17:25
Can someone points me to a good resource for creating Angular CDK and Dynamic Components?
Daniel Netzer
May 15 2018 19:13
thanks @MattHubbell but the entire HTMLElement is created dynamically and I've tried adding the tooltip using rendere2.setAttrib
just doesnt play nice
May 15 2018 21:23
@DanielNetzer can you build the HTMLElement as a custom form field?