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Jun 2018
Yerrapotu Manojkiran
Jun 01 2018 10:37
any ref.for angular material's sidenav . cant swipe it left or right
through research found hammerjs would be helpfull and used swipeleft and it worked but unfortunately not able to use swiperight
@Dirt-Nasty broh its working for me when you select it directly or under parent
nah i used external scss to get it right
let me try attr way
nah its not working attr way, can do it only with custom css
Yerrapotu Manojkiran
Jun 01 2018 10:43
if you want you mat-card-header 's background color to be same through out ur website then keep the same css styles globally.
or if you want only few mat-card-header's then give it a unique class and give that class the background and place it in global css file
Jun 01 2018 15:34
hi guys,
I am starting with Angular in IntelliJ , when i created the project and did ng build I get the error as
TS1005: ‘;’ expected in component.ts
I have enabled typescript in setting still the error persists any solution to use IntelliJ