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Jun 2018
Jun 19 2018 05:10
Hey, I need to get the event on mat-dateicker calender icon click. Material docks suggests to use "openedStream" and "closedStream". When i use that, it is not emitting the event. Does anyone have any idea on how to use "openedStream" and "closedStream" on material datepicker?
Jun 19 2018 09:31
Hey I am using angularjs material. and my sidenav does not appear as expected
can you help me on this
Jun 19 2018 09:31
@bbbqube_twitter what does it look like?
Jun 19 2018 09:43
@brookesb91 I use this <md-list-item>
<md-button href="candidates">
which uses extra padding from both sides
now when I remove <md-list-item> tag it uses entire width of sidenav, Thanks
Jun 19 2018 15:01
Ok, understood but that doesn't look like a full example. Have you followed the documentation?
You need to give it a width iirc
Or it wraps it
Dharmesh P
Jun 19 2018 21:32
Hi Team.. I'm using angular material dialog and passing config.hasBackdrop = false; is there a way to close the dialog when the user clicks on body or the document?
Antony Serralta
Jun 19 2018 22:31
Anyone knows how to make a step, from the stepper module, disabled? for example I want that the first step is always disabled because is taking data from my db so, no need to capture data