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Jun 2018
Jun 20 2018 08:28
Is there any material design layout structure example for desktop app?
Jun 20 2018 09:10
I have a component which implements ControlValueAccessor, but somehow I still get the error 'Can't bind to ngModel since it isn't a known property of ...'
I did provide the 'NG_VALUE_ACCESSOR'
What am I missing?
Jun 20 2018 09:35
Oh darn, missed a FormsModule import
Anthony Nahas
Jun 20 2018 19:13
@angular-material-extensions/jumbotron has been just released!
Angular UI open source library built with material design in order to illustrate a highlighted/important information for the user - Angular 6 supported
For more angular material extensions check other projects on GitHub
Tim Burnell
Jun 20 2018 19:20
I am not sure i understand what this library is.
Anthony Nahas
Jun 20 2018 19:21
its like the jumbotron of bootsrap
but built with material as a card layout