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Jun 2018
Jun 26 2018 00:03
quick question — hoping somebody can answer this… when I use MatDialog with content that requires scrolling the dialog scrolls the content to the bottom when initially displayed — how is this avoided so it shows the top of the content without doing setTimeout() to forcibly scroll the native element with “scrollTop = 0"
Jun 26 2018 06:45
What's the proper way to set the correct background color, when not using mat-sidenav?
Jun 26 2018 07:04
I guess setting the 'mat-app-background' style will do. Or is there a better way?
Neil Stevens
Jun 26 2018 09:31
Hello all, is it possible to add a footer to the material table with a button?
Jun 26 2018 12:03
@barrycaceres no using the css in in rgba I suppose that is
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