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Jul 2018
Jul 01 2018 23:37
hi guys!
I have an annoying issue i have been stuck on for days while trying to create a Mat-table with sort and paginator implemented
problem is after following a tutorial I keep getting the following error:
Class 'DataTableDataSource' incorrectly extends base class 'DataSource<DataTableItem>'.
Types of property 'connect' are incompatible.
Type '() => Observable<any[]>' is not assignable to type '(collectionViewer: CollectionViewer) => Observable<DataTableItem[]>'.
Type 'Observable<any[]>' is not assignable to type 'Observable<DataTableItem[]>'.
Property 'source' is protected but type 'Observable<T>' is not a class derived from 'Observable<T>'.
any idea how i can resolve this?