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Jul 2018
Jul 09 2018 04:57
Anyone know how to fullscreen a dialog into its parent container?
Jul 09 2018 08:59
Hi, if anyone used material and kendo in production, explain the main pros and cons when using these UI modules, thanks.
Jul 09 2018 09:57
hi, I am trying to use stepper to show history events in chronological order and I need to disable mouse events. how can I do that?
but I don't want to trigger any mouse event, otherwise the step will be completed which I am trying to avoid
Tim Burnell
Jul 09 2018 13:44
@roeldeveloper28 are you trying to make a div full screen? or just make a div fill its parent?
if you are trying to do full screen you can look at this:
they use a dependency screenfull that applies the HTML5 spec to full screen the image.
this kind of sounds like what you want.
Tim Burnell
Jul 09 2018 13:54
@P0ntiuS i have never used kendo … however i did just take a look at it. And they do have quite the feature set, however the ui looks very entry level. What i mean does not look very clean compared to material and/or bootstrap.
Tim Burnell
Jul 09 2018 14:10

@masber_twitter looking at this:

looks like click is called and executes … neither have logic to disable the events. Also i dont see a good way with angular.
So you will either have to overwrite one of the material classes or make your own.

Tim Burnell
Jul 09 2018 15:04
Anyone know why in this example:
the ripple seems fire on buttons that you did not click on?
Jul 09 2018 16:00
@tmburnell im trying to make a div fill its parent. Because the problem with material2 you cant set a parent container for a MatDialog
Tim Burnell
Jul 09 2018 20:09

this is not the best option, but you can extend theirs and give it a container. I did this here for the snacker

the only issue is you have to keep it up to date with the latest version.