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Jul 2018
Jul 25 2018 00:51

Hey people

I am working on a project where we would like our designers to be able to theme angular-material. Not just the colours, but other aspects that would reflect our brand and unique challenge. Sometimes at a component level, but a lot of the time at a project wide level.

We would also like to be able to customise the Angular Material docs to create a living style guide that also contains our custom components/extensions as well as other information and standards that are used for our specific project.

How do others here approach the situation or suggest approaching it?

Neil Stevens
Jul 25 2018 06:03
@CarsonF Checkout this stackblitz, I encountered this yesterday and solved by adding a mat-error to the custom component in the mat-form-field as you would normally then add your <ng-content select=“[‘mat-error’]”></ng-content>. When consuming your component you would add mat-error as if you were using a mat-form-field
Carson Full
Jul 25 2018 14:13
@StickNitro Thanks, that works!
Neil Stevens
Jul 25 2018 14:15
@CarsonF glad i could help