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Jul 2018
Michael Prentice
Jul 29 2018 02:12
@m-henderson when a new version is deployed to the website? or are you talking about deploying a new version of an app that you have built which is using angular/service-worker?
Michael Prentice
Jul 29 2018 02:17
@m-henderson there are a number of sev3 breaking bugs that are open for angular/service-worker, angular/angular#20862 seems similar to the one you may be seeing. You can see that I’ve been running into it too. It’s blocked me and others from using angular/service-worker in production for a long time now.
Jul 29 2018 12:32
@Splaktar okay, great. I just wanted to make sure that you all were aware of it. Also, to answer your question, I referring to anytime the site is deployed "firebase deploy". I cloned it and tested it myself. After a few times of refreshing in chrome, it seems that the 404 goes away and the user can then view the site.
Rune Antonsen
Jul 29 2018 20:02
Why is there a MatSidenav and a MatDrawer?..