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Jul 2018
Michael Prentice
Jul 30 2018 00:56
@ruant this channel is for AngularJS Material (i.e. md-card). Please use to discuss Angular Material (i.e. mat-card).
@m-henderson note that the Angular docs site is still using a very old service worker. PR angular/angular#19795 is open to convert to the latest service worker, but it has ran into a number of blocking issues (as have many people who have tried to use angular/service-worker in production) which are still being addressed.
Michael Prentice
Jul 30 2018 01:03
@m-henderson Also would be the place to raise additional angular/service-worker concerns. I understand that this discussion started due to the material part of having issues.
Jul 30 2018 23:41
hellos guys, some example of mat-table with ngrx ?