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Jul 2018
Jul 31 2018 01:50
Hi everyone, I am trying to get my Angular 6 Material buttons to ripple, but they aren't rippling as they should. I've linked the Material icons and I've imported the material theme(deepurple-amber.css), but they aren't rippling when I click them. Could anyone tell me what I have done wrong?
Greg Funtera
Jul 31 2018 07:59
Hello I’m planning to have a pop-image in an onclick event, just wanted to know your opinion what is better to use a modal dialog or overlay component ?
Jul 31 2018 16:38
overlay component?
oh huh so that s a thing sorry heh
Hello I am experience an issue with have 2 sidenavs one start and one end. When the end sidenav expands it pushes the content under the start sidenav
I need it to squeeze the content
Jul 31 2018 16:43
hey @instagrregg_twitter the overlay is really cool I think it would depend on the purpose if its just a quick image preview or something I think the overlay is unnecesary
but if you plan on adding functionality in the overlay like download buttons and stuff it would be relevant
Jul 31 2018 17:12
figured it out just had to pull it out of mat-sidenav-content