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Aug 2018
Greg Funtera
Aug 01 2018 06:59
@wdunn001 thanks for your reply really appreciated it. yeah using an overlay is an overkill hahaha
Nicholas Papadopoulos
Aug 01 2018 11:04

How can i give dynamic or auto increment template variable name?

I use inside an ngFor loop a button that triggers a resuable matMenu but it causing trouble (e.x. the matMenuTrigger.closeMenu() doesnt work)

I read at angular site that i should not use the same #name inside the code so i guess thats the problem

any thoughts?

  <div fxLayout fxLayout="row" class="cal-body-container">
    <div fxFlex class="cal-body" *ngFor="let dayOfTheWeek of [0,1,2,3,4,5,6]">
      <ng-container *ngFor="let todo of todoByDate(dayOfTheWeek)">
        <a mat-button class="cal-task no-hover-effect" [matMenuTriggerFor]="menu" #matMenuTrigger="matMenuTrigger">{{ todo.title }}</a>
Jorge Sepulveda
Aug 01 2018 11:44
Hi. This question I'm guessing you're tired of responding to, but I couldnt find a clear answer online: I'm trying to add material to my angular app following I noticed that a lot of documentation for common components, like the grid layout that is not documented. Even components used at, like the navbar, are not documented. Am I supposed to use another website that is a complement of? Please enlighten me.
Aug 01 2018 20:56
need to have mat-spinner when application get loaded. what is the best location to put the mat-spinner in angular CLI project?