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Aug 2018
Aug 02 2018 05:53
hello guys, any example of how to make responsive forms? with angular-flex-layout
Nicholas Papadopoulos
Aug 02 2018 11:05
is it possible to use mat-menu instance from another compoment? like the dialog with etc..
Aug 02 2018 11:14
hi guys, anyone know if it is possible to create a drop down menu within a material table?
Matthias Tylkowski
Aug 02 2018 13:24
Hello everyone is it possible to make the click on MatExpansionPanelHeader conditional ? Would I have build my own component which extends MatExpansionPanel to achieve that?
Matthias Tylkowski
Aug 02 2018 13:32
For example if one panel is open and has errors inside the user should not be able to open another panel.
Ryan Ham
Aug 02 2018 15:16
I have a component which wraps a mat-form-field. I have mat-hints which are generated with an ngFor when the input's in an error state. The mat-hints are not being rendered where they should in the form field. When they are placed statically in the template, they appear in .mat-form-field-wrapper .mat-form-field-flex .mat-form-field-infix span.mat-form-field-label-wrapper label, when they're dynamically rendered, they just appear in the dom right in the mat-form field. Am I doing something wrong?
Aug 02 2018 17:27
Check out the material2 room, this is for the angularJS 1.x version
Aug 02 2018 18:52
hello guys, any example of how to make responsive forms? with angular-flex-layout
Aug 02 2018 19:36
In general the docs do a pretty good job at explaining the layout engine
Anthony Nahas
Aug 02 2018 20:49
I’ve just published the first version of a new @angular material extension - „link-preview“ | angular open source UI library to preview web links powered by ngx-linkifyjs and angular material design! Feedbacks are welcome <3
Aug 02 2018 22:16
hello guys, how can I make responsive tables?