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Aug 2018
Michael Prentice
Aug 31 2018 08:36
@vinzandtonz in AngularJS, that sounds reasonable to do via some parsing and injecting of <md-tooltip>My Tooltip</md-tooltip> elements in an intelligent way. Of course you will want to take advantage of sanitization of the HTML and be very careful of who can access/modify what those APIs return so that you don’t expose some kind of attack vector.
Aug 31 2018 09:30
hello, can I pass matTabChangeEvent as an argument???
like this
this.selectedBureauTab(0: MatTabChangeEvent);
I want to pass into this function
selectedBureauTab(event: MatTabChangeEvent) { console.log(event); console.log(this.bureauTabResponse); this.bureauTabResponse.bureauAnalysisOutputList.forEach((instance, ind) => { console.log(ind); if (event.index === ind) { console.log(instance); this.bureauAnalysisOutputList = instance; this.bureauAnalysisOutputList.bureauAnalysisData.forEach(rowElement => { if ( (rowElement.value === '0' || rowElement.value === '-1') && rowElement.key === 'Bureau Score' ) { this.burauScoreNotAvailable = 'Bureau No Hit!'; } }); } }); }
I need mat tab label name too, that is why using this
Aug 31 2018 19:42
Hi there, I have a dynamic encoded image I would like to set as the background for a material card - could anybody point me in the right direction as to how to accomplish this?