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Nov 2018
Nov 12 2018 00:28

I'm doing an --aot build and got a strang error:

ERROR in : Template parse errors:
The pipe 'async' could not be found ("s="breadcrumbDiv col-lg-12">
            <ul class="breadcrumb">
                <li *ngFor="let p[ERROR ->]ath of (trail$ | async)"><a (click)="callTrailPath($event, path)">{{ }}</a></li>
         "): C:/Projects/checkBranch/ShopUsSpa/src/app/core/components/breadcrumb/breadcrumb.component.html@3:33

anyone know where I should look for a problem? trail$ is an observable

Nick Hodges
Nov 12 2018 01:18
@Splaktar Yes, my style.css file has: font-family: Roboto, 'Helvetica Neue', sans-serif;
Michael Prentice
Nov 12 2018 03:29
Right, but did you load the fonts from Google Fonts in your index.html?
@ilennert see above, this channel is for AngularJS
Nov 12 2018 03:30
Sorry, thought I was in a different channel...
Nick Hodges
Nov 12 2018 20:12
@Splaktar I have this in my index.html: <link href="" rel="stylesheet">