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Nov 2018
Michael Prentice
Nov 14 2018 00:52
@AhmedMYousseff I’m not familiar with webflow, but their forums seem to have a good bit of discussion of AngularJS.
David J Ruyle
Nov 14 2018 19:44

Hi All...I have been trying for a week now to get mat-select to fire and change correctly. I have the selectionChange that when fired dispatches an ngrx action to change a value in the store which it does successfully but the drop down just hangs, freezes, doesn't change the value and crashed the browser. The intended behavior is for it to reset the value to the one selected which is also the new default value coming from the ngrx store.

            <mat-select placeholder="Themes" (selectionChange)="themeChange($event)" [value]="selectedThemeGroup$| async" name="themeGroup" disableRipple>
              <mat-option>Select a Theme</mat-option>
              <mat-option *ngFor="let themeGroup of layerNav$ | async" [value]="">
                {{ }}

 themeChange({value: themeConfig}) { ClientConfigActions.SetTheme({themeConfig}));

Unfortunately I have not found much on stackoverflow. This is with v6.4 Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.