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Nov 2018
Michael Prentice
Nov 29 2018 02:40
@lsuarez5280 from$mdSidenav
// Async close the given sidenav
Muhamed Hassan
Nov 29 2018 08:42
Good morning from Egypt
Is there any way to make Barcode generator and scanner with Angular 7
Nov 29 2018 09:53
which is better kendo ui vs ag-grid ?? angular 6+ and for very large data
Nov 29 2018 10:01

I've been trying to set the locale time to parse ISO string to local timestamp based on navigator.language
so when I change the browser language preferences it reflects the date format in proper locale, but this doesn't seem to work with time part of the ISO string.

let sampleDate = new Date('2018-11-29T09:54:46.863207Z').toLocaleString(navigator.language);

Has anyone here experienced this before?

L Suarez
Nov 29 2018 19:37
Is there any concept of an "active" mat-list-item for use with my nav list to visually alter appearance and let someone know "you are here?"
Not that I can't style it myself. Just curious.
L Suarez
Nov 29 2018 22:07
Well, never mind that. Anyway, is it possible to bind a chip list to a FormArray, before I give this a go?