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Jan 2019
Chandrakanth Reddy
Jan 06 02:45
Can anyone tell me what is the use of ng-template, ng-container. I know they are structural directives in Angular. But what is the exact use of these
Jan 06 02:46
Check the angularjs channel
Actually the angular channel
Chandrakanth Reddy
Jan 06 02:48
Can u share the link plz
Michael Prentice
Jan 06 07:30
I plan to close a batch of issues with needs: more info and needs: demo labels soon. If you have been meaning to respond with a demo or more info, please do so ASAP. More details:!topic/ngmaterial/bmKUPYoCB2k
I am looking for community feedback on many issues labeled needs: feedback. Please find the link and more details here:!topic/ngmaterial/dCRMURZ9DHw