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Jan 2019
Szymon Gałązka
Jan 17 09:45
Hello everyone. I need some advice about a project development.
I 'inherited' a project based on angular 4. It's made with material design, but the one used in angularJS. So: Angular 4 bundled with material for Angular 1.
Now i need some charts. Every chart package i found requires angular 6+. I can't lift project to that version because frontend will fall apart. What can I do to have some nice charts, except writing my own ? :D
Any ideas will be appreciated
Michael Prentice
Jan 17 12:16
@SzymonGalazka so it’s running in a hybrid mode with Angular v4 and AngularJS (and AngularJS Material) through ngUpgrade?
Highcharts, AmCharts, and quite a few others work fine with whatever JS. An older version of ngx-charts (d3 based) should work with Angular v4 as well.
Szymon Gałązka
Jan 17 14:18
Yeah, exactly. I gonna give ngx-charts a try, shame that the documentation lacks demos. Thank you so much!