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  • Jun 18 2019 18:50
    @StephenFluin banned @piotr-mamenas
Roman Meshkov

Hello, I want to investigate if this behaviour is bug or feature of Material tabs

What we have in v9 of Material tabs demo (below): if you resize the viewport (where component is being rendered), mat-tabs component dynamically (on fly) shows/hides horizontal navigation arrows according to viewport width

What we have starting from v10: viewport resize does not trigger arrows showing/hiding until we trigger change detection manually (click on tab or programmatically), so they stay visible or hidden at the wrong time.

v9: https://stackblitz.com/angular/xbpevvrbkpr?file=src%2Fapp%2Ftab-nav-bar-basic-example.ts
v10: https://stackblitz.com/angular/xoepvnaxqak?file=src%2Fapp%2Ftab-nav-bar-basic-example.ts

Do you think this behaviour (in v10) is normal?

I am using a mat-table with expandable rows , I have mat-accordion inside the row. After sorting the rows I had an issue where I was not able to open the row with single click. I fixed it be modification animations. Now I am getting same issues for accordion which is inside the expanded row. any idea how to fix it ?
I tried to open a bottom sheet using click event and failed to do so. Also tried using a subscription and it also failed.
The bottom sheet opens on the top left corner with no functionalities and freezes the window. can not close.
Would like to know what is the possibility of opening the bottom sheet using an event or a subscription.
NOTE: also tried to open a dialog but the result is the same.
Using Angular v10 and Material v10
Thank you
Hey does anyone know how I can use this component in ServiceNow's Service Portal ?
Hello, what are the difference between the echarts and highchart?
Abdul Basit Khan
mat tab Module: How to keep the tab body in the dome when the tab is change. Is there an expert here?
I'am using angular 11.0.7 with angular-material 11.0.3, but when I update to angular 11.2.11 and material 11.2.10 I see the html property visibility: visible changes to visibility: inherit. Is this a update in angular or in angular-material and where is this change documented?
shivam kumar

when I am trying to apply class dynamically inside ngfor like
<button mat-raised-button color="primary" class="delete-range-duration-{{i}}" (click)="deleteRange(i)">Delete</button> where i is index.
it is messing up my material css i.e I am not able to find any material css on the component. button looks like plain HTML button.

The same is happening with other components like input as well.
I am using Angular 7.

Abdul Basit Khan
@Shiva7071007 brother I'm shore you need to change your angular version in my for loop every thing working fine that you want. example is mentioned above

I have the ngsMatErrorMessages directive as shown below.

<mat-error ngsMatErrorMessages></mat-error>

I'm writing automated tests. Is it possible to get the directive instance before the mat-error appears? I know that it is already instantiated.

Alex van Andel

I am trying to install angular components using Yarn 2 PnP, I got Angular to work properly but I am struggling to figure out how to (or if it is even possible) get the Angular Material library to work on it. The source of my issue comes from the Sass dependency between @angular/material and @angular/cdk. @use '../../cdk/overlay'; which no longer works when @angular/material and @angular/cdk do not share the same @angular root repository. (Instead, they go into .yarn/$$virtual/@angular-material-virtual-4cab151bf2/0/cache/@angular-material-npm-12.0.0-6e8dd67b13-e9c1a36bd7.zip/node_modules/@angular/material/core/_core.scss, ...)

Has someone succeeded doing this, is this possible, is my environment broken? There is very little documentation around to draw a baseline.

Hi, I have this idea which is opened as the feature request. angular/components#22688
And the example I created here for reference : https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-ivy-zk9lzx?file=src%2Fapp%2Fapp.component.ts.
Can anyone look into this and give any suggestions, please?
Thank you very much.
Dominic Watson

was trying to update to @angular/material v12 and using the new sass imports. We're referencing $dark-focused like so:

focused-button: $dark-focused,

which as I understand should now be:

@use '~@angular/matieral' as mat
focused-button: mat.$dark-focused,

The problem is, it says the variable isn't defined.. I look in here and see export of $mat-dark-focused which doesn't exist... is that not validated and am I correct in thinking the reference is wrong there... for others too? https://github.com/angular/components/blob/master/src/material/core/theming/_palette.import.scss#L8

Hello. A question about <mat-sidenav-content>. It's not focused by default and users cannot navigate page with arrows/PgUp/PgDown without clicking and focusing it first. Any way to workaround this issue or avoid MatSidenav in favor of other component?
Anybody know how to debug this warning? WARNING: Missing font size at 42:8. Ignoring.
@compmaster did you try to have a look at the Focus management options ? https://material.angular.io/components/sidenav/overview#focus-management
@BertrandMarechal focus management is about <mat-sidenav>, not the <mat-sidenav-content> (whole page body)
Saurabh Kamble

I am trying to convert angular material table into a web element.

This is what I have tried

import { Injector, NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { createCustomElement } from '@angular/elements';
import { MatTable } from '@angular/material/table';
import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';

  declarations: [],
  imports: [
  providers: [],
  entryComponents: [
export class AppModule {
  constructor(private injector: Injector) {
      { componentType: MatTable, name: 'my-mat-table' }
    ].forEach((e) => {
      const element = createCustomElement(e.componentType, { injector: this.injector });
      customElements.define(e.name, element);

  ngDoBootstrap() { }

Now I do not understand how do I use the web element on my html page since the material table examples use angular specific syntax. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, I have observed a duplicate stepper component, after submitting my request and getting back response. Did anyone observe this?
1 reply
top one was the original, and the bottom one appears for a second or two, before it disappears
Yaakov Chaikin
Anyone know if there is a way to have a fixed option in a mat-autocomplete component, i.e., where the fixed option is always shown at the bottom of the autocomplete dropdown while the rest of the options are scrollable?
Samuel Hinkhouse
Hi y'all, in previous versions of Angular Material, there used to be a way to get the background color from some of the SCSS mixins. What is the current way to do this with Angular 12+?
How can I change the app's background color?
I would like to do something similar to what the basil example has.
Krzysztof Miąsko

Hi there. I've problem with cdkScrollable wrapped in element with ViewEncapsulation.ShadowDom


Maybe someone can help me.

Alexis Georges

Hey everyone,
I'm having troubles since NG 12 with theming.
I get following error:

SassError: Undefined function.
79 │   $typography-config: mat.mat-define-typography-config(

My code contains this

@use "~@angular/material/theming" as mat;
$typography-config: mat.mat-define-typography-config(
  // ...

The code is loaded thanks to @use through this way

  1. "styles.scss" loads @use "theme.scss"
  2. "theme.scss" loads @use "~myLibrary/typography.scss"

Could someone help me on this? :blush:

The error happens when I try to load anything from mat. inside my library:

  • mat.$grey-palette
  • mat.$dark-primary-text
  • ...
Milan Milanov

Hi Angular team. I've stumbled upon a requirement to implement a virtual scrolling strategy for items with different, but fixed heights. I've explained that in a comment in a github issue, as well as this SO question. I've modified the code suggested in the latter question and it seems to work. Two followup questions:

1) Do you think the use case is generic enough so that i try to create a PR in the experimental cdk, and eventually this becomes an official virtual scrolling strategy? If not, it can be published as a standalone npm module.
2) Is there a set of tests that are meant for different scrolling strategies, something like acceptance tests that cover basic functionality? I attempted to reuse the ones for the fixed strategy, but they also include template cache/track by/etc tests.

David Smith

Hi all. It looks like the changes to material 12 needed to support N number of palettes in a theme is pretty small. Mainly just storing the palettes or palette keys in a location where they can easily be accessed (the root and color locations cant be used to determine the keys since they contain other information aside from palettes), and changing the component themes to something like:

@each $palette-key in $palettes {
    $palette: map.get($theme, $palette-key);

    &.mat-#{$palette-key} .mat-button-focus-overlay {
      background-color: theming.get-color-from-palette($palette);

where the palettes can be iterated over instead of having hard-coded values assigned to primary/accent/warn, etc. I've actually already gone through the code and made these changes and didn't run across any cases the above wouldnt work. Wondering what people's thoughts are on this as I know there has been a big desire from the community for support for additional palettes in a theme, including from projects where I work.


Hi everyone, I'm facing a problem.
I'm showing mat dialog based on the clicked element position. Some time dialog part hiding behind the viewport ca't see the rest of the part.

How can i move/change dialog position ? is it possible ?

Sargo Darya
Hey folks, I have a question regarding drag/drop. I need to establish drag/drop of items across multiple components of which I do not know drop list ids. Is this even possible with the CDK drag/drop implementation? Thought the cdkDropListGroup would help but afaik it doesn't cross component bounds.
Robert Marcano
Greetings. Can a custom MatFormFieldControl add its own errors to the form field parent? MatFormFieldControl has errorState: boolean as a member, but I don't find a way to tell which ValidationErrors are present inside the field
Glauber Funez
Hi, I'm new around here.
could someone help me with this angular/components#23478
I've tried everything, based on what I found on the internet
oi @glauberfunez_twitter I think it can be normal, as 0 might be an invalid date based on your validation. There are ways around it, like using updateOn: 'blur' that might just solve your issue.

and about your locale date wish, you can set the date locale in the module that use the mat-datepicker. Checkout https://material.angular.io/components/datepicker/overview#setting-the-locale-code

Note you have to do it for all the modules that use it

Is it possible to use "mat-date-range-input" as inline element?
Jeremy Kepf

For MatSelect, the overlayDir is now private. Does anyone know how I can access it now? In node_modules MatSelect select.d.ts line 171, it's now:

/* Overlay pane containing the options. /
protected _overlayDir: CdkConnectedOverlay;

But it used to be:

 * Overlay pane containing the options.
 * @deprecated To be turned into a private API.
 * @breaking-change 10.0.0
 * @docs-private
overlayDir: CdkConnectedOverlay;
Hi everyone, I have this simple example of the material drag & drop functionality. I am trying to figure a way to programmatically move any of the items to the bottom on click. Any ideas? https://stackblitz.com/angular/mjqyyqxnqbo?file=app%2Fcdk-drag-drop-sorting-example.html
are peerDependencies required? just running npm i installs a lot of stuff that are peerDependencies but I don't even need a fraction of those
or can I disable a11y of cdk somehow completly? I don't need it at all but it is a pretty big part of my bundle size (at least according to webpack bundle analyzer)
Umer Naeem
hey there!! Guys I am new to open source I need your help in PR
i am getting api_golden_checks failed
Umer Naeem
anyone available to help
Pravin Ambekar
Hello Geeks,
Could you please help with this issue : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69717559/how-to-generate-and-display-nested-angular-material-table-dynamically
I am unable to find solution to dynamically bind nested mat table having unpredictable no of child elements

Hi guys. I am looking for a way to using Angular Materials drag and drop to swap elements between lists rather than just moving them. That is I have been able to make it work functionally so that elements are swapped / replaced, however, visually when I drag a list item on top of another list item the preview is not correct and shows it as if you are dropping the item in between the items in the target list rather than replacing the item in the list. There are several open issues and questions about this and none of them seems to have been answered which is not encouraging. So my question for you is if this is at all achievable with Angular Materials or do I need to take another approach? It would be weird if it is no way to implement this drag-and-drop behavior as it seems quite a commonplace operation one would want.


Peter G Jones
Hi all. I have a problem with MatSelect. When opened, the current selection is not highlighted and the user has to scroll to see the highlighted/selected value. Also using matNativeControl seems better but looks ugly - not like material at all like it does with all the examples Ive seen. Something it fecked up. Anyone else seen this?
Hi, I have situation here like the material styling was overriding from embed application to normal angular application, Actually I'm embedding an custom element ( more like an application) into another angular application.
Do anyone faced this kind issue while embedding an application into another application
Also I have tried using the encapsulation modes but nothing helps me out