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  • Jul 11 2016 19:26

    Splaktar on master

    fix(toast): apply theming corre… perf(icon): better handling of … fix(list): copy ng-show, ng-hid… and 49 more (compare)

  • Jun 15 2016 16:14

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc.5

    release: version 1.1.0-rc.5 (compare)

  • May 14 2016 05:55

    Splaktar on master

    feat(panel): initial implementa… update(panel): promise logic im… update(panel): add and remove p… and 44 more (compare)

  • May 05 2016 20:47

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc4

    release: version 1.1.0-rc4 (compare)

  • May 05 2016 20:47

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc3

    release: version 1.1.0-rc3 (compare)

  • May 03 2016 22:28

    Splaktar on es6-tutorial

    Prepare clean start Remove bow… install angular-material And i… working version of starter-app and 19 more (compare)

  • May 03 2016 22:22

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    Tutorial Readme updates Updates for Tutorial #2 Update README with tutorial ste… and 56 more (compare)

  • May 01 2016 22:56

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  • May 01 2016 22:37

    Splaktar on master

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  • May 01 2016 22:34

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  • Apr 27 2016 04:14

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    Splaktar on master

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  • Apr 23 2016 01:32

    Splaktar on master

    update(docs): improve docs for … update(docs): renamed `md-text-… fix(list): clickable list-items… and 71 more (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 03:20

    Splaktar on improveExtendThemeDoc

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  • Apr 11 2016 03:15

    Splaktar on improveExtendThemeDocs

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  • Apr 11 2016 02:57

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    update(docs): renamed `md-text-… (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:48

    Splaktar on master

    fix(demo, codepen): use secure … fix(build, layout): remove depr… update(build): remove stale bow… and 72 more (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:48

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc2

    release: version 1.1.0-rc2 (compare)

  • Mar 19 2016 03:00

    Splaktar on master

    fix(checkbox): pointer events d… update(tests): remove disabled/… fix(datepicker): enable scrolli… and 20 more (compare)

  • Mar 13 2016 05:41

    Splaktar on v1.0.6

    Revert "fix(select): made selec… update(layout): add layout-nowr… fix(whiteframe): update breakpo… and 57 more (compare)

Roman M.
Hi there
i am new and would like to ask where to actual add a custom color platte to material design
what file are those palettes with its hex colors declared
Sadegh Khosroanjam
hi Guys, i'm NEW.
What is similar to following code in Material-angular
<div class="row"><div class="col-md-6">TEST</div><div class="col-md-6">TEST</div></div>
i want two column Page
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Read materila layout
Sadegh Khosroanjam
i use flex="50" in two DIV tag but it not working
@BeSaRa you now link for learning about material layout !
Jordan Green
Hey everyone! Im having issues with md-card and the image being HUGE
Could someone help?
Jordan Green
How do I adjust image size within a md-card?
@khosroanjam_twitter this video can help you ,how to work with layout https://youtu.be/Qi31oO5u33U
Anyone manage to get flex to work inside an md panel?
Hi, I've been tasked to fix a slow angular page
Apparently, a single <md-tooltip md-direction="top"> EDIT </md-tooltip> (nested inside of an ng-repeat)
causes a slowdown of a few seconds for switching the content of the ng-repeat
Any ideas why that might happen and how to solve it?
hi guys can many one help me to combine and minify js files using maven
Pradeepraj Kunrathur Chandrasekaran
Hi guys !! Does material2 design supports dialog ?
hi, is there a boilerplate with this combination : gulp + sass + angular material?
Siddharth Jain
Can anyone explain what does md-padding do
help me please
where are written requirements on the android browser
Vlad R
@jordangpdx add css to the image with properties that you want
Diego Cubissimo Lopes
hi guys, i’m back again with material animation questions… but just to wonder… what u think about that: https://github.com/ThomasBurleson/angularjs-gsTimelines
James Rothpearl
@nafg is it browser-specific?
Yousef Shanawany
Angular material doesn't provide transition services correct? If I want something to grow as it appears, is that possible with what angular material provides?
angular-material have problems with RC3
Sadegh Khosroanjam
Thank you so much @BeSaRa
Manuel Pacheco
@AskYous you should give a look at angular-animate (material uses it inside)
Sadegh Khosroanjam
guys what is Angular 2 , in angular 2 we must use Typescript perforce ?
@james89 not that I'm aware, but I only tested on Chrome
Mac and Linux
Roberto Teixeira
@khosroanjam_twitter you don't need to use typescript. You can write angular 2 in JavaScript or even Dart if you so prefer
The development of angular material2 is done in typescript but you can use material2 in a JavaScript project. (I may have misunderstood your question though)

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html ng-app>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>I am Leaning AngularJS</title>

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.5.6/angular.min.js"></script>

function NameCtrl($scope) {
$scope.firstName = 'Ragav';
$scope.lastName = 'Mohankumar';

<body ng-controller="NameCtrl">
First Name: <input ng-model="firstName" type="text"><br>
Last Name: <input ng-model="lastName" type="text"><br>
Hello {{firstName}} {{lastName}}

am new to angular and i wonder why the above is not showing proper results. any suggestions?
can angular-material be integrated with bootstrap 3 without problems?
Jordan Green
Can someone help me with a image displaying improperly?