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  • Jul 11 2016 19:26

    Splaktar on master

    fix(toast): apply theming corre… perf(icon): better handling of … fix(list): copy ng-show, ng-hid… and 49 more (compare)

  • Jun 15 2016 16:14

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc.5

    release: version 1.1.0-rc.5 (compare)

  • May 14 2016 05:55

    Splaktar on master

    feat(panel): initial implementa… update(panel): promise logic im… update(panel): add and remove p… and 44 more (compare)

  • May 05 2016 20:47

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc4

    release: version 1.1.0-rc4 (compare)

  • May 05 2016 20:47

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc3

    release: version 1.1.0-rc3 (compare)

  • May 03 2016 22:28

    Splaktar on es6-tutorial

    Prepare clean start Remove bow… install angular-material And i… working version of starter-app and 19 more (compare)

  • May 03 2016 22:22

    Splaktar on master

    Tutorial Readme updates Updates for Tutorial #2 Update README with tutorial ste… and 56 more (compare)

  • May 01 2016 22:56

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    fix(sidenav): rightNav button a… (compare)

  • May 01 2016 22:37

    Splaktar on master

    fix(dialog): don't clobber md-d… update version number in packag… update(changelog): sort so 1.1.… and 1 more (compare)

  • May 01 2016 22:34

    Splaktar on fixSideNavDemo

    docs(sidenav): leftNav text isn… (compare)

  • Apr 27 2016 04:14

    Splaktar on fixSideNavDemo

    docs(sidenav): invalid `md-whit… (compare)

  • Apr 27 2016 03:54

    Splaktar on master

    update(changelog): add missing … fix(toolbar): remove transition… fix(tests): Cleans up the DOM a… and 2 more (compare)

  • Apr 23 2016 01:32

    Splaktar on master

    update(docs): improve docs for … update(docs): renamed `md-text-… fix(list): clickable list-items… and 71 more (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 03:20

    Splaktar on improveExtendThemeDoc

    update(docs): improve docs for … (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 03:15

    Splaktar on improveExtendThemeDocs

    update(docs): improve docs for … (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:57

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    update(docs): renamed `md-text-… (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:48

    Splaktar on master

    fix(demo, codepen): use secure … fix(build, layout): remove depr… update(build): remove stale bow… and 72 more (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:48

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc2

    release: version 1.1.0-rc2 (compare)

  • Mar 19 2016 03:00

    Splaktar on master

    fix(checkbox): pointer events d… update(tests): remove disabled/… fix(datepicker): enable scrolli… and 20 more (compare)

  • Mar 13 2016 05:41

    Splaktar on v1.0.6

    Revert "fix(select): made selec… update(layout): add layout-nowr… fix(whiteframe): update breakpo… and 57 more (compare)

Thaddeus Madison Jr
i have a main app module that has materail2 on it and I want a submodule to receive the same library, how does that works? do i have to add material2's module to the exports?
I've tried importing @angular/material to the submodule that didn't work.
Ludwig Behm
@madthad91 this isn't the material2 chat, good bye and good luck with your probs ;)
is there anyone who knows how to reset/clear a md-datepicker value? i followed this but this doesnt work for the md-datepicker .
Raita Sorin
I love this
@barcoder28, what would you considered "reset".... There's no such concept for a date picker... if you mean to set it to today's date, then just do that....
Is it possible to pick and choose which components you want to include? For example, we just want to use the md-fab-speed-dial in an existing app.
Miguel Couto
i am using the md-dialog
i have Component with the dependency public dialogRef: MdDialogRef<AnaliseListaComponent>
it works great when i load it with MdDialog
but how can i use it also on normal router???
it gives me the error
error_handler.js:47 EXCEPTION: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Error in ./AnaliseListaComponent class AnaliseListaComponent_Host - inline template:0:0 caused by: No provider for MdDialogRef!
Error: No provider for MdDialogRef!
Darin Hensley
Is there a way to disable the default theme globally BUT only have the default theme applied to md-progress-circular?
rabais fauzan
I think the most painful part would be to include all necessary CSS.
Plugaru Tudor
Hi all, it is possible to see the source code of the https://material.angularjs.org/ website?
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Craig Shearer
Anybody know how to get md-virtual-repeat-container working with md-select? It worked in 1.0.9 but not in versions since.
Matthew Hamu
Hi, I'm using angularjs angular material built on meteor. I'm having some problems with animations though. ui-view animations work across the browsers, at least the fades. However I'm having problems with animations in safari on the ngswitch. Sometimes they animate, and other times not. There is also a glitch in the toolbar where a random rectangle will flicker every so often.
Ed Morales
Simon Hampton
I am having problems with checkboxes showing the opposite of their state. I set all values programatically with
      <md-checkbox [checked]='checked' (click)='handleClick($event)'>
        <div class='timestamp'>{{tp.Time[0] | toDate | date:'HH:mm:ss'}}</div>
        <div class='distance'>{{tp.DistanceMeters[0] | toKm | number:'1.2-2'}} km</div>
And the picture shows what Augury finds. The checked value is false, but the on screen element is checked. It is only the ones that are clicked up that go wrong; others that I set only by JS work fine.
Simon Hampton
My code works fine with normal <input type="checkbox"
Antoine Bonneau
Hi all,
i join the room i can't resolve my problem alone. I'm trying to include materialize modal with jquery 2.1.1 on a html page but my console say that $(...).modal is not function. Someone had this problem in the past ?
how can i add this "2017-01-01" Date ton DatePicker
hi all. how do I pass data into material2/md-dialog on open?
@zpydee assuming dialogRef: SwDialogRef<[componentType]> is a property in class:
let config = new MdDialogConfig();
this.dialogRef = this.dialog.open([componentType], config);
this.dialogRef.componentInstance.myProperty = value;
Mauricio Mijail De La Quintana
one question I am using grid list but I would like to have things like sorting columns
is it possible ?
Ahir Hasmukh
I am integrate angular/material2 when I am make example of select so I got error
Can't bind to 'ng-value' since it isn't a known property of 'md-option'.
  1. If 'md-option' is an Angular component and it has 'ng-value' input, then verify that it is part of this module.
  2. If 'md-option' is a Web Component then add "CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA" to the '@NgModule.schemas' of this component to suppress this message.
    (""Food i would like to eat" [formControl]="foodControl">
    Please help me
Rusu Traian Cristian
Learn the fundamentals + the mastery of Angular at http://bit.ly/2fcLQub
Ahir Hasmukh
@RusuTraianCristian Is it use for angular2?
Joseph Dias
not able to include material theme in angular-cli project
@Josephdias92 I updated to the latest and the theming stopped working. Haven't sorted out why
@Josephdias92 you need to add the theme scss file to angular-cli.json
Eliran Elnasi
How to focus an input on init? <md-input placeholder="Focus me!"></md-input>
Sébastien Tessot
Hi guys, I'm looking for a file picker button, but haven't found anything for now. Do you have any recommendation for that?
Fabian Wiles
taking a look at the readme for snackbar I think the properties for the config are incorrect
since they don't match up here https://github.com/angular/material2/blob/master/src/lib/snack-bar/snack-bar-config.ts
in the readme it says role but in the code it says politeness and on my current version it works with politeness
Brian A.

how do I get the material colors to show? I've imported the css in my index.html

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons" rel="stylesheet">

and I'm using the components in my html,

<md-sidenav-layout fullscreen>
    <md-sidenav #start (open)="closeStartButton.focus()" mode="push" color="primary">
        <button md-button #closeStartButton (click)="start.close()">Close</button>
    <md-toolbar [color]="primary">
        <span>Second Row</span>
    My regular content. This will be moved into the proper DOM at runtime.
    <button md-button (click)="start.open()">Open start sidenav</button>

but no colors or anything are showing up. Any suggestions?

can I create a acordion menú in Material Desgin ?