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  • Jul 11 2016 19:26

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    release: version 1.1.0-rc4 (compare)

  • May 05 2016 20:47

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    release: version 1.1.0-rc3 (compare)

  • May 03 2016 22:28

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  • Apr 11 2016 02:48

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  • Mar 19 2016 03:00

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  • Mar 13 2016 05:41

    Splaktar on v1.0.6

    Revert "fix(select): made selec… update(layout): add layout-nowr… fix(whiteframe): update breakpo… and 57 more (compare)

and ng-aria
anybody using flex-layout, I am concerning that it is not compatible with angular 2.4. what do you usually take to control the layout
Leo Scordilis
@thewalk I'm not really having any problems with it. Usually when things are explicitly incompatible there are errors in the console, but flex-layout has some really nuanced rules that you only learn with experience. Make sure you read the docs carefully.
@dman777 you can put md-select in md-input-container and make it part of a form, that way you can use all the ng-form and ng-messages API tools
Is there an example somewhere on how to hook up a spinner to an observable?
also what's the difference between md-progress-spinner, md-progress-circle, and md-progress-circular (except that md-progress-circular doesn't autocomplete in my environment, using angular/material 2.0.0-alpha.11-3)
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Juan Marín
Hi, how are you ?
I see that the name of the files that only contains mixins are prefixed with underscore, is this specified in some doc ? Thanks
I mean in the material2 project
Official md-table?
Okojie Osemudiame Charles
hi guys, i found md-content in Firefox have some problem. when resizing my Firefox browser , the content does not resize accordingly but disappear. However Chrome is working fine
https://material.angularjs.org/latest/demo/input , use firefox to browse and smaller the window size, the content hide and no scroll bar
Mbuyu Lucas Makayi
Hey guys I have an issue with fab in my app, it keeps strolling with the entire web page when it should be fixed. How can fix this ?
Leo Scordilis
@paradigmist nope, just use normal <table> or try to build your own :+1:
@machtyn if you're just using an indeterminate spinner, you can <spinner ng-if = subscriptionNotReady>
Renato Martins
I have a menu, when i click it, a "menu-content" appears, but it gets all messed up, when i try to change the CSS values, theres an element style thats generated by the code and i cant find it anywhere...
Juan Aguilar
Any know can tree shaking ? Probe import only needed modules and providers, but in the bundle import all material
Juan Aguilar
Sorry wrong place
Wim Huiskes
good evening all
is angular worth my time? to learn it i mean?
Ahmed Rebai
@wimhuiskes no angular is very interested technology
Sean Murphy
Good Afternoon,
​I hope I find you well and sorry to bother you on a proffesional forum like this.
​I am currently recruiting for a FullStack JavaScript Developer based in the heart of London on a permanent basis.
The successful JavaScript developer will help rebuild the clients current legacy ecommerce platform and internal applications. This exciting position will involve using the latest JavaScript technology such as ES6, Node, Angular (with Angular2 in mind), Typescript etc.
​As well as building a cutting-edge ecommerce platform, you will also help build a custom Node API and various dashboards to help the business perform more efficiently. While you will be vital to the development side, you will also contribute to planning the architecture and brain storming with a small but highly skilled team.
This is the perfect position if you are extremely passionate about JavaScript and have a desire to work with other like-minded developers.
​If this is of interest and would like to hear more please get incontact urgently for immediate consideration - paying up to £65,000
Darin Hensley
My rows are inline side by side with each other instead of stacked.... Why is this?
<div layout="container">
   <div layout="row">
    <div layout="row">
Darin Hensley
ah...nevermind. I used column for parent instead. but shouldn't rows stack outside of a column?
Miguel Carvajal
hello there
does anyone knows how to set the md-progress-circular element to white?
I want to set it to the value of contrastDefaultColor in my theme
Hi all, I am new to angular material and was wondering how to do parallax and a navbar that goes from transparetns to solid when scrolling
Johnathon Sullinger
Could you use @angular/material to make your desktop website be mobile friendly too?
Similar to how Bootstrap works?
Is there anyway to customize the content of md-tooltip with pictures and styles?? or if not possible any alternative?

I'm trying to align some md-cards. However, the cards are displayed vertically and I want them horizontal.

<div class="row" layout="row" layout-align"space-around center">
    <div *ngFor="let item of dataArray">
        <md-card> .... </md-card>

Does the layout work for md-cards?

I think you have to set layout row to that div
to the div with the ngFor?
Yes I think so
Hmm, still not working for me. I think I'll give it a try in a test project. I'm wondering if there is something else preventing my success.
Vitali Carbivnicii
hey ppl, so there is no good library for doing tables in material?
except ngx-datatable
@realcnbs probably the best way is to use gridlayout. It's the recommended way in android too.
Michael Prentice
@realcnbs md-table is being worked on. In the mean time it’s recommended to use https://github.com/daniel-nagy/md-data-table
@scionwest yes, angular/material layouts enable responsive design and responsive UI. You can see some slides on it here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cLYWG-_mW92kezTI1JLYfi9kNH9wu2-SIpeNqyArlQw/edit?usp=sharing. Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PMe_wc0SjI&list=PLBge-_7rhfzRV4pl-lM_OeavC8_P8C_-M&index=2
@t-hughes there is no built in support for that and I haven’t seen a good example to share with you. It’ll be up to you to implement the animations and transitions.
Ali Al-Obaji
Hello guys, AngularMaterial is still in Alpha right ?
Mateus Carniatto
Hey guys... I'm facing styling problems with Angular Material 2
for example if I try to style a md-menu with display: flexit seems to ignore my styling
so what is the state of material design?
for angular(2)