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  • Mar 13 2016 05:41

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<mat-header-cell *matHeaderCellDef mat-sort-header="true" > {{ column.myHeader }} </mat-header-cell> . Am I missing anything into this?
@VishwajitShinde - You can try as below
<mat-table #table [dataSource]="dataSource" matSort>
                  <ng-container matColumnDef="colname">
                    <mat-header-cell *matHeaderCellDef mat-sort-header> column heading </mat-header-cell>
hey guys, is there a way to select only months and years in datepicker, ty
Nate Gardner
I'm having a bit of trouble with the datepicker- getting Can't bind to 'matDatePicker' since it isn't a known property of 'input'.


          <input [matDatePicker]="myDatePicker">
          <mat-datepicker #myDatePicker></mat-datepicker>

It's imported in my app module:

import { ..., MatDatepickerModule, MatNativeDateModule,...} from '@angular/material`;
@NgModule({...,imports: [ ...,MatDatepickerModule, MatNativeDateModule,...],...})
Any ideas on what to try?
Luke Crooks
Anyone know how I can force dynamic rendered content into a certain grid list? Example here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-cccnjp-3dieg1?file=app%2Fsidenav-responsive-example.html
    <mat-grid-list cols="2"  rowHeight="8:1">
        <mat-grid-tile-header>Clocked In</mat-grid-tile-header>
    <mat-grid-tile >
        <mat-grid-tile-header>Clocked Out</mat-grid-tile-header>

    <!-- render this inside Clocked In Column -->
    <mat-grid-tile *ngFor="let user of usersIn">
        <button mat-raised-button color="accent">

    <!-- render this inside Clocked out Column -->
    <mat-grid-tile *ngFor="let user of usersOut">
        <button mat-raised-button color="warn">

Filip Białek
hi there! can anybody share with me sass function or mixin for generating sass map with custom map for material color palette? so basically I would like to have a sass function that I can pass one color and it returns whole map with a palette.
Ahmad Abu Maizer

I have a mat-form-field with input/select elements and I am having hard time changing the placeholder/floating label color on ng-valid or ng-pending without changing the encapsulation, any advice would be really appreciated
the only way that I was able to change the placeholder/floating label is using the following,

body .mat-input-placeholder {
  color: rgba(13, 131, 209, 0.699);

how can I add ng-pending and ng-valid as well

Jakob Knutsen
is there a limitation on which mat- components that support errorStateMatcher?
question motivated by this error "Can't bind to 'errorStateMatcher' since it isn't a known property of 'mat-radio-group'."
has anyone used Angular Material inside an Ionic app? I'm using Ionic as a PWA and in my desktop layout I would like to use some material components. I have the modules imported, and I think I imported the styles, but it's not looking right.
YuvaRaj Raghunapu
Hi all,
am trying to using .html <mat-toolbar>My App</mat-toolbar> after installing the material; but am getting error as "'mat-toolbar' is not a known element:
“ Any help?
Hi guys, I have a really annoying issue related to implementing material tools and can't work out what is going wrong, any help would be much appreciated!
so i installed material, cdk and browseranimation, imported them in my app.module.ts file but whenever I try to use a tool like <mat-form-field> in the html the dashboard compiles but the browser returns the following error:
Error: Template parse errors: 'mat-form-field' is not a known element
spent more time than i'd care to admit on this issue... xD
@RavC357 make sure you import MatInputModule
@kwilliams-curago Yup, i have imported that
@kwilliams-curago I think i have the issue narrowed down to the index.html file potentially causing the issue but i have no idea how to go about fixing it xD
Michael Prentice
Just a reminder that this chat channel is for AngularJS Material (i.e. md-toolbar and md-button). All Angular Material questions (related to things like mat-toolbar or <button mat-button></button>) should be posted to https://gitter.im/angular/material2
can you suggest angular material time picker
@NarenShalem hi, i suggest angular material time picker
Anupam Basu
has anybody tried multiple lines (ngfor) of mat-autocomplete?
Someone to help me with stripe & angular ? got this error with pipe ' The pipe 'stripe' could not be found '
Tim Burnell
I dont see stripe as a built in pipe: (where did you find it)
Hi, is there some simple way to force MdAutocomplete to have value of null when no option is selected (instead of being the string in the input field?"
Here's example
Tim Burnell
does adding this option work: { id:null, text: “"}
or does the whole thing need to be null
Tim Burnell
another option that is not great but might work is:
<input type="text" matInput [formControl]="control" [matAutocomplete]="$ac" (change)="cleanup()”>
cleanup() {
    if(!this.control.value) {
Kirk Sefchik
Can anyone tell me how I can change the size of my mat-icons?
Do I need to turn off style encapsulation to achieve this?
Tim Burnell
I think you can just set the font size in css
Kirk Sefchik
I think style encapsulation is stopping this
because my css won't target
Tim Burnell
someone else opened this: angular/material2#10523
but cant find history here or stack overflow. Does anyone have an answer?
Tim Burnell
is this even valid ts syntax open<T, D = any>
Tim Burnell
I have found that any function that uses the syntax <R = any> fails ts validation and shows an error in WebStorm IDE
Pankaj Kumar
hi all, could someone guide me how to write custom function for mat-error tag with if condition like *ngIf="checkError()"
@mdmyr did you import mat-toolbar? ie: import {MatToolbarModule} from '@angular/material/toolbar';
            <span class="break">
              <label class="switch">
                <input type="checkbox" checked>
                <span class="slider round"></span>
            </span><input type="number" name="Density" [(ngModel)]="op.Ro" placeholder="0" required #density="ngModel" [style.width.px]="80">
How to disbale a input text box when toggle button is enabled
can we use sailsjs and angular together?
@swshyamash sure, you can use any backend
if it can serve static files, it can serve anguar :D
Tim Burnell
does anyone know how to render a snackbar inside a container (div) instead of the window? I tried to use ViewContainerRef however it still aligned itself to the window.