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Aleksander Dyomin
@codymikol thank you!
strange, not found it here https://material.angular.io/
Are you using angularjs v1.x or angular @aleksanderd
If you're using angular v2+ you should instead look here https://material.angular.io/components/autocomplete/overview
There is also a specific channel for material 2 https://gitter.im/angular/material2
Aleksander Dyomin
@codymikol thnx!
Michael Prentice
@aleksanderd And the short answer is no, AngularJS Material and Angular Material are not CSS frameworks. They are component libraries. This means that you get CSS related to the components in the library, but we generally (but not always) avoid styling other things on the page like native input, select, etc. A lot of the work we do is to provide value (better a11y, specific behaviors, specific APIs designed for AngularJS/Angular, etc) on top of native components rather than just changing how they look.
Michael Prentice
@PRUDHVi100 I don’t see anything in that question about AngularJS Material. Did you paste the wrong link by accident?
Hey guys. Dunno if anyone's hanging around but I have this requirement where I need to implement a table with collapsable rows
sort of an accordion thing
using angularjs, md-data-table
Do they need to be dynamically sized, or do you know the content size ahead of time?
Hi, I am trying to add the column resize for angular material 6 table, I know now it is not there in angular, I tried this as well by creating an another component as cell-resizer but i am not getting why it is not working. Here is the stackblitz link which i tried
[col-resizer] (https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-3qq98l). I referred this github link for that [github-link] (angular/material2#8312). Please help me out to resolve this, or if you have any other idea for resizing the column headers for angular material 6 table, please share it.
@Shreedevi-G-Rao check https://gitter.im/material2
Mostafa Mohammadi Panah
Hello friends
This training is good to learn ??
What is your opinion about this tutorial ??
Ayeni Blessing
Hi guys
I am working with Angular material Autocomplete. Looping through it to have multiple instance of it only for me to submit and find out that it's only pick the value of the last Auto-complete form
Please what do I do
Jordan Finci
how would i go about loading a component dynamically inside the material sidenav
@jfinci1 it really depends on what you mean by dynamic
What are you trying to accomplish?
Jordan Finci
Ironic this mobile chat client doesn't work. Anyway, I have one of two components that I was to load into the material sidenav
I need more info than that
Maybe a codepen or something
You can load as many components into a sidenav as you'd like
I have many :)
hello every one does any worked on MAT dialog ? binding data to form from service?
Michael Prentice
@vijam this channel is for AngularJS Material (1.x). The Angular Material channel is https://gitter.im/angular/material2.
Jordan Finci
Ok sorry @codymikol i was having problems with the mobile web client, lol.
I'm using a sidenav component as a popover card of sorts that is a detail/drill down panel for selectable elements in the main content.
so there are several components which I may want to render in the sidenav
outside of using *ngIf, is there some other recommended approach?
if you've ever used google cloud console, its essentially the same design/use case
woops this is for material 2
Stephen K Okeno

Hello everyone?, anyone worked on mat-checkboxes?, I would like to capture two sets of data(the value of the checkbox and the input from the user) from the formArray, my checkbox preceeds a mat input which should capture data from the user my code is as follows <div formArrayName="smis" *ngFor="let smi of benefitsForm.controls.smis.controls; let i = index; let x = index" class="mat-row">
<div class="mat-cell">
<mat-checkbox color="primary" [formControlName]="i" (change)='smiSelected(smis[i].id,smi_input.value)' [value]="smis[i].id" class="mt-1">{{smis[i].insurance_s_m_i.name}}</mat-checkbox>
<div class="mat-cell">
<mat-form-field class="w-100">
<input type="number" matInput placeholder="Sum Insured" [formControlName]="x" id="sum_insured{{smis[i].id}}" #smi_input (keyup)="smiSelected(smis[i].id,smi_input.value)" required>
<div class="mat-cell text-muted"></div>
</div> My code in the component smiSelected(id: string, value: string): boolean {
// console.log(id, value);
const selectedSmisIds = this.benefitsForm.value.smis
.map((v, i) => v ? this.smis[i].id : null)
.filter(v => v !== null);
const smiValues = this.benefitsForm.value.smis
.map((v, x) => v ? this.benefitsForm.value.smis[x] : null)
.filter(v => v !== null);


return false;

} Someone to advice how to go about this...will appreciate.

Sven Lauterbach
Hey guys, I'm started using angular material and i have a question about the autocomplete. I want to set the value of the input of the autocomplete programmatically. When using the "setValue()" method of the input the textbox doesn't update, but when I click in the textbox, the autosuggest box shows up and shows the element. I modified a existing StackBlitz to match my scenario: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-material-autocomplete-async1-jxrahv
I need this because the user should be able to populate the form by entering a serial number which loads the data from the backend. If the user don't have such a code or the backend does not contain the data, the user should be still able to get a autocomplete box when entering the data manually.
Michael Prentice
@SvenLauterbach this channel is for AngularJS Material (1.x). The Angular Material channel is https://gitter.im/angular/material2.
Sven Lauterbach
oh, I'm sorry and thank you for the hint
Hi, how can change the animation metadata of the angular-material library. I tried to determine the required value of the 'transition' property in css by the selector, but this method didn`t work. TooltipComponent.decorators = [
{ type: Component, args: [{
selector: 'md-tooltip-component, mat-tooltip-component',
templateUrl: 'tooltip.html',
styleUrls: ['tooltip.css'],
encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.None,
changeDetection: ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush,
animations: [
trigger('state', [
state('void', style({transform: 'scale(0)'})),
state('initial', style({transform: 'scale(0)'})),
state('visible', style({transform: 'scale(1)'})),
state('hidden', style({transform: 'scale(0)'})),
transition(' => visible', animate('150ms cubic-bezier(0.0, 0.0, 0.2, 1)')),
=> hidden', animate('150ms cubic-bezier(0.4, 0.0, 1, 1)')),
Sandeep singh
can you help me.