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  • Jul 11 2016 19:26

    Splaktar on master

    fix(toast): apply theming corre… perf(icon): better handling of … fix(list): copy ng-show, ng-hid… and 49 more (compare)

  • Jun 15 2016 16:14

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc.5

    release: version 1.1.0-rc.5 (compare)

  • May 14 2016 05:55

    Splaktar on master

    feat(panel): initial implementa… update(panel): promise logic im… update(panel): add and remove p… and 44 more (compare)

  • May 05 2016 20:47

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc4

    release: version 1.1.0-rc4 (compare)

  • May 05 2016 20:47

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc3

    release: version 1.1.0-rc3 (compare)

  • May 03 2016 22:28

    Splaktar on es6-tutorial

    Prepare clean start Remove bow… install angular-material And i… working version of starter-app and 19 more (compare)

  • May 03 2016 22:22

    Splaktar on master

    Tutorial Readme updates Updates for Tutorial #2 Update README with tutorial ste… and 56 more (compare)

  • May 01 2016 22:56

    Splaktar on fixBlurryRightNavIe11

    fix(sidenav): rightNav button a… (compare)

  • May 01 2016 22:37

    Splaktar on master

    fix(dialog): don't clobber md-d… update version number in packag… update(changelog): sort so 1.1.… and 1 more (compare)

  • May 01 2016 22:34

    Splaktar on fixSideNavDemo

    docs(sidenav): leftNav text isn… (compare)

  • Apr 27 2016 04:14

    Splaktar on fixSideNavDemo

    docs(sidenav): invalid `md-whit… (compare)

  • Apr 27 2016 03:54

    Splaktar on master

    update(changelog): add missing … fix(toolbar): remove transition… fix(tests): Cleans up the DOM a… and 2 more (compare)

  • Apr 23 2016 01:32

    Splaktar on master

    update(docs): improve docs for … update(docs): renamed `md-text-… fix(list): clickable list-items… and 71 more (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 03:20

    Splaktar on improveExtendThemeDoc

    update(docs): improve docs for … (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 03:15

    Splaktar on improveExtendThemeDocs

    update(docs): improve docs for … (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:57

    Splaktar on updateThemingDocs

    update(docs): renamed `md-text-… (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:48

    Splaktar on master

    fix(demo, codepen): use secure … fix(build, layout): remove depr… update(build): remove stale bow… and 72 more (compare)

  • Apr 11 2016 02:48

    Splaktar on v1.1.0-rc2

    release: version 1.1.0-rc2 (compare)

  • Mar 19 2016 03:00

    Splaktar on master

    fix(checkbox): pointer events d… update(tests): remove disabled/… fix(datepicker): enable scrolli… and 20 more (compare)

  • Mar 13 2016 05:41

    Splaktar on v1.0.6

    Revert "fix(select): made selec… update(layout): add layout-nowr… fix(whiteframe): update breakpo… and 57 more (compare)

@fynnfeldpausch yes you can change padding values
Steven Lee
Hello, everyone! I am a full-stack developer with JavaScript frameworks. Does anyone have a project to give me for a job?
Michael Prentice
@AlexLee-webdev good luck on your job search, but this channel is for AngularJS Material related topics.
Amit Sahoo

Any idea why the material menu is not working with proper css?


Michael Prentice
@Amiit006 sorry that appears to be an unstyled menu button with a slider next to it. Do you have a CodePen or StackBlitz reproduction? There isn’t enough information otherwise to help you.
Is anyone having idea that how to use <mat-radio-group> and <mat-radio-button> with rective forms
If we are using , <mat-radio-group> and <mat-radio-button> in reactive forms then can we use one formControl on mat-radio-group only? is need to use formControl on mat-radio-butto?
in Reactive forms, value and name should be same for mat-radio-button ?
Such as, <mat-radio-button value="1"> 1 <mat-radio-button>
or, is it valid:
in Reactive forms, value and name should be same for mat-radio-button ?
Such as, <mat-radio-button value="1"> One <mat-radio-button>
Ana-Maria Briscan
Hello! I am using a mat spinner, and I want to fade the background, I ve tried with opacity but the opacity is on spinner too, also it does not work with z-index
does anyone know a workaround?
@SV9045 why don t u use ngFor to use another names?
2 replies
Have IE11-related question
How could I override .mat-checkbox-layout class styles on IE ? specifically align-items
Maybe someone has tried that?
yeah that's what happens when you work for an enterprise corp and they make you support f&^*&1 IE
Hi Everyone,
Anyone is having idea, How to fetch upload file link using patch value in reactive form?
Michael Prentice
@SV9045 @anabriscan_gitlab @ForkInSpace this channel is for AngularJS Material. Please use the https://gitter.im/angular/material2 channel for Angular (v2+) Material and CDK.
Oh Sorry, Apologize @Splaktar .
Thank you for directed me in right direction
@Splaktar thx, doubt they'd have the answer either, though :D
Anyone ever worked on angular cdk drag and drop with a drop zone?
Michael Prentice
@pandabuilt this channel is for AngularJS Material. Please use the https://gitter.im/angular/material2 channel for Angular (v2+) Material and CDK.
Amir Ali Shokri
Hi every One I Have a Material Table And Its Not Auto Update
Michael Prentice
@AmirHCS_gitlab this channel is for AngularJS Material. Please use the https://gitter.im/angular/material2 channel for Angular (v2+) Material and CDK.
Amir Ali Shokri
Yes I Get To Material Chanel Thanks
shivam kumar

I recently migrated to a angular 10 from angular and placeholder for my input doesn't show up anymore. After inspecting, placeholder attribute is converted to data-placeholder. If i change it to browser to placeholder, it shows up.

sample image : https://ibb.co/mTnf4jf

<input matInput class="mat-select-search-input" [formControl]="searchedValue" (input)="onInputChange($event.target.value)"  (keydown)="handleKeydown($event)"
                          autocomplete="off" placeholder="Search" />
ishu mishra

In ourproject , we have used angular material for development. We have overridden the angular material styles using ::ng-deep to customize the CSS properties.

While using ::ng-deep getting an error as "Unexpected unknown pseudo-element selector ::ng-deep" in sonar report.

Sea * Side Syndication
any stackblitz examples you guys might share for an http call on drop for material cdk cdkDropList? I am trying to figure out how to persist my changes to each list
hey, does anyone how to expand for example just row 2 and 4? I do not to expand all rows. Here s an example: https://stackblitz.com/angular/earjoyrlydrb?file=src%2Fapp%2Ftable-expandable-rows-example.ts
Abdul Basit Khan
mat tab Module: How to keep the tab body in the dome when the tab is change. Is there an expert here?
Victoir Emmanuel Barh
Hello. i need your help please. I create an app that manages the library so I use firebase for the backend then the app includes the auth party and if I look in the firebase server I find the users connected with their email addresses but curiously the books are not saved in firebase.database. and when I inspect the page I receive this message "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)"
Michael Prentice
@meanstackBasit this channel is for AngularJS Material. Please use the https://gitter.im/angular/material2 channel for Angular (v2+) Material and CDK.
@vic778 sorry, please try the Firebase community Slack: https://firebase.community/
Abdul Basit Khan
@Splaktar okay bro I understand
Sargo Darya
Hey fellas, is this the best channel to ask CDK related questions?
Michael Prentice
@SargoDarya no, please use the https://gitter.im/angular/material2 channel for Angular (v2+) Material and CDK.
Timothy Alcaide
Hello, somebody know how to do containers animations like in material spec https://material.io/design/motion/the-motion-system.html ?
Mohamed Dhaker Abdeljawed
Hello, Any recommendations for a tree view lib for ngx ?
Good day, as it's a known issue that angular material is having issues with swiping. What are the alternatives?
Michael Prentice
@jang-navagis what kind of issues with swiping? the primary alternative is to implement your own touch event handlers and interactions or use something like Ionic AFAIK.
Hello guys,
I retrieve data from Firebase and I need to display only an attribute from the given data. For example, I have the class Courses that has 3 attributes(courseTitle, courseTeacher, courseDetails). How can I put the data read from Firebase into a variable, with whom I can display in the html page only the courseTitle for example. This is how I retrieve the data this.db.list('/Courses').valueChanges() and this is how I try to iterate trough the list in the html *ngFor="let item of courses$ |async"=>but with no success... Please help me because I tried many options and it didn t worked.
Tom Müller
Hi, any ideas when the Angular Material upgrade to MDC will finally be released?
Raineer Dela Rita
Good day!
Would like to share cool library I wrote:
Krishn Goodso
How could I override .mat-checkbox-layout class styles on IE ? specifically align-items. https://www.aceflare.net/
Anand raja

Could someone help me mock 'CdkVirtualscroll' in angular. I am not finding a way to mock it. It will be very helpful if someone could help in this.


  scroller!: CdkVirtualScrollViewport;

  constructor(private ngZone: NgZone) { }

  ngAfterViewInit(): void {
    this.unsub = this.scroller.elementScrolled().pipe(
      map(() => this.scroller.measureScrollOffset('bottom')),
      filter(([y1, y2]) => (y2 < y1 && y2 < 140)),
    ).subscribe(() => {
      this.ngZone.run(() => {
        (this.maxItems > this.listItems.length) && this.fetchMore();
<cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport class="example-viewport" #scroller itemSize="72">
  <table mat-table [dataSource]="dataSource" class="mat-elevation-z8">

    <ng-container matColumnDef="name">
      <th mat-header-cell *matHeaderCellDef> Name </th>
      <td mat-cell *matCellDef="let element"> {{element.name}} </td>

    <ng-container matColumnDef="symbol">
      <th mat-header-cell *matHeaderCellDef> Symbol </th>
      <td mat-cell *matCellDef="let element"> {{element.symbol}} </td>

    <tr mat-header-row *matHeaderRowDef="displayedColumns; sticky: true"></tr>
    <tr mat-row *matRowDef="let row; columns: displayedColumns;"></tr>

Ahmed Rebai
Hello everyone, I want to share with you my blog "Optimizing Angular Unit Tests for Faster Execution "
I hope you enjoyed it