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Logesh Kumar
need your help
Logesh Kumar
doing a POC for a web app which is mix of non angular and angular pages, Example Login Page is a non angular, after login its angular page , here just normal search in input, check box is failing
with no such element same code I tried with only angularjs based app
works fine
waitforangularenabled() true or false
if its not angular give false else if its angular give true
Logesh Kumar
Tried with these 2 options as well
browser.ignoreSynchronization = false;
use md-checkbox for locating checkboxes
Logesh Kumar
for Input box
am just trying to enter text in a inout box
refer guru 99 for dynamic css selector use that with google chome's plugin chropath get an understanding of the syntax of autogenerated css path and then create ur own
never use * symbol it will get more than 1 element in a page
Hi everyone, I have created multiple spec files for the test, however I want to have 1 config file for all these specs but I need to run few of the specs in parallel manner.Is it possible?
Hello. Is it true that Google plans to stop supporting protractor? And what are your plans with version 6?
Hi All,
I need help on the code below.
this.enterCellValueBasedOnColumnName = function (columnName, textValue) {
return this.getColumnHeaders().then(function (val) {
console.log('All Column Headers: ' + val);
var ColumnNameIndex = val.indexOf(columnName);
return element.all(by.xpath('(.//table[contains(@class,"htCore")])[1]/tbody/tr/td')).count().then(function (totalCells) {
console.log('totalCells in the row are:' + totalCells);
for (var i = 1; i <= totalCells; i++) {
console.log("val[ColumnNameIndex] is" + val[ColumnNameIndex]);
if ((val[ColumnNameIndex].includes(columnName)) && (ColumnNameIndex < 15) && (val[ColumnNameIndex] !== 'Tax TransactionNum') && (val[ColumnNameIndex] !== 'Tax Filing Date')) {
var index = ColumnNameIndex + 1;
browser.actions().mouseMove(element(by.xpath('(.//table[contains(@class,"htCore")])[1]/tbody/tr[' + i + ']/td[' + index + ']'))).doubleClick().perform();
basePage.waitUntilElementVisible(yearSearchInputField, 3000);
basePage.enterTextWithActions(yearSearchInputField, textValue);
is there any other function other than includes which I can use here?
Syam Pradeep Reddy
Hi All,
I am using protractor to run e2e tests for my angular application and we made these tests to run in the build pipeline(azure-devops). These test cases will fail intermittently with the following error,
Failed: script timeout: result was not received in 11 seconds (Session info: headless chrome=77.0.3865.90) (Driver info: chromedriver=76.0.3809.12).
I increased the allScriptsTimeout value to 30 s and even then the tests will fail.
Is there a way to get rid of this error.
Logesh Kumar
Hi All
In Javascript project,
Added the folder Protractor Folder from C:\Users\Azuga\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules
Error : ',' expected is displayed across async wait
Logesh Kumar
am trying Key Up / Down
but no luck
in drop Down
Logesh Kumar
Failed: sendKeysToActiveElement
Priyank Vadaliya
to Implement Protractor based framework which language is best c# or javascript ??
Hi all, can someone help me, my framework is with control flow enabled, but can we use both async await along with promises, because i want to slowly migrate to async await file by file
Logesh Kumar
Hi all, how check whether iframe is switched of not ?
@Radhajanagouda i believe yes, this should not be a problem
Hi all. I'm getting this error UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: UnknownCommandError: POST /session/293923e7-06b8-4989-8eaa-bab35926386d/moveto did not match a known command when using firefox
Roman Kolodiy
Hi, @cnishina, @juliemr, @sjelin
Can you guys give any news regarding further update plans for Protractor?
Roman Kolodiy
It`s been a while since the last update for 6.0 version and looks like repo is dead now with lots of open PRs((
I use protractor on several projects and really interested in migrating to 6.0, but unable to do it due to several issues. Few months ago I already submitted PR to fix several issues. It successfully was merged, but still, the new version has not been published yet.
Do you need help with the maintenance of this project, and in general, will it be supported in the future?
Hi, How to handle mac OS-based popup window? I tried with the below code but no luck
Getting error: Failed: sendKeysToActiveElement
Has anyone ever seen protractor NOT provide a full stack trace back to the .spec file? I could reproduce this in a clean project.
  • Particularly try calling $('div.someInvalidElement').click() in a separate helper file.
    • It successfully gives me a stack trace to the EXACT line that failed in .spec
  • But then try it WITHIN A PROMISE. Example: myPromise.then(() => $('div.someInvalidElement').click())
    • It provides a trace back to .spec, but directly to the it() function, not the exact line WITHIN it()
@luker2 I think that happened to me before. However what I did is just console.log and sleep() to know where it is. I know it's not efficient but worked.
Timothy Stone

hey all, my google fu is failing me and I'm not asking the right query. I overheard some colleagues following the antipattern of physically opening the window to test the URL. They were further challenged that the property would not properly open the window as this._linkUrl was only loaded in the upper validation environments.

The team is trying to test a template that produces a <button> binding to the [click] and calls a method that calls window.open(this._linkUrl).

I'm trying to get them to test the value from the component, not opening windows, switching to the new window, and attempting to read the location. But I'm not speaking to the specifics of their problem, but I'm reaching out to the channel hoping for help in pointing best pattern for the team to review and implement.

Timothy Stone
looks like they were not even trying to look at the documentation. ugh
@ninogomez thanks, yeah I searched around & its bizarre there are really no complaints about short stack traces. I've seen some posts about nodejs in general & bad async stack traces nodejs/node#11865. Using node 12.11.1 with --async-stack-traces didn't help this specific protractor problem. (For future searchers, this was using protractor 5.4.2) @cnishina any insight?
Hey All, I'm trying to run stress test by invoking multiple chrome browsers under conf.js "multiCapabilities". Please let me know if protractor can handle all the browsers parallel or does it internally perform only one task at a time? Thanks.
can we send protractor results from onComplete hook to oracle db
or is there a way to send results to oracle db from protractor with jasmine
@avinash10993 i think you can use smth like https://oracle.github.io/node-oracledb/doc/api.html#getstarted
Hello guys, ((Im just wondering)). Since Oracle have changed the JDK license, is there any specific JDK release to be used (i.e. to be installed from http://jdk.java.net or https://www.java.com) that is the compatible release with Protractor, or can i use any? - Thanks :)
Abhijeet Kadam
hi friends , i am trying to run my protractor tests using WebStrom. I am getting this error "unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn't exist" . could you please help
UPDATE: I just used the normal JDK version 13 from Oracle.com and it is working fine...