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Repo info
    Gary Yeung
    Is it okay to send a small PR to make the documentation layout more tablet friendly?
    Marc Laval
    Sure, I'll have at a look at it
    Luan Reis

    Hello, I was going through the documentation but then I got the following error while running gulp init:

    throw err;

    Error: Cannot find module 'typescript'

    Did I forget anything?


    Marc Laval
    Typescript should install when you npm install, maybe something went wrong, could you run it again?
    Luan Reis

    Thanks for answering! This is the output I gent when I run npm install:

    angular2-react-native@0.0.1-alpha.5 postinstall /Users/luan/SpiderOak Hive/workspace/react-native-renderer
    typings install

    ├── es6-shim (ambient)
    ├── jasmine (ambient)
    ├── node (ambient)
    └── react-native (ambient)

    Also, when I list all the dependencies intalled

    **installed (through "npm ls --depth=0"), this is what I see:

    angular2-react-native@0.0.1-alpha.5 /Users/luan/SpiderOak Hive/workspace/react-native-renderer
    ├── angular2@2.0.0-beta.15
    ├── del@1.2.1
    ├── es6-shim@0.35.0
    ├── glob@4.5.3
    ├── gulp@3.9.1
    ├── gulp-filter@3.0.1
    ├── gulp-jade@1.1.0
    ├── gulp-rename@1.2.2
    ├── gulp-strip-comments@2.4.3
    ├── gulp-typescript@2.13.0
    ├── gulp-watch@4.3.5
    ├── hammerjs@2.0.6
    ├── jasmine@2.4.1
    ├── jasmine-core@2.4.1
    ├── jstransformer-marked@1.0.1
    ├── karma@0.13.22
    ├── karma-chrome-launcher@0.2.3
    ├── karma-jasmine@0.3.8
    ├── marked@0.3.5
    ├── merge2@1.0.2
    ├── parse5@1.5.0
    ├── react@0.14.8
    ├── react-native@0.24.0
    ├── reflect-metadata@0.1.2
    ├── run-sequence@1.1.5
    ├── rxjs@5.0.0-beta.2
    ├── systemjs@0.19.26
    ├── systemjs-builder@0.15.15
    ├── through2@0.6.5
    └── zone.js@0.6.11

    Marc Laval
    I just did a clean npm install and had no problems
    I'm using the latest node and npm, this might be your issue
    Luan Reis
    You are right. Using latest version of node works fine! I previously tried with 0.12.13 and 4.4.3
    Thanks for helping!
    Tai T. Truong
    Luan Reis
    Are you using the latest version of node (5.x)?
    Luan Reis

    Something similar happened to me. Even though I was using the latest version of node in the current terminal when it opens a new window it was getting an earlier version. This happened because nvm was using an earlier version of node by default.

    So, make sure you have your default node set as the latest one. You can use this command "nvm alias default node"

    Don’t know if is the same issue but it might help :)

    Sushruth Shastry
    Is this still active ? I was wondering how to use react-native plugins with this.
    Marc Laval
    @sushruth Just answered your issue. Plugins is a topic still to be explored
    Leo Caseiro
    I'd like to know if the current Router accept multiple <router-outlet>, I tried to set using aux and name, but it's coming empty. I'm new with that and I believe can be an issue with position. Do I always need to set host as position absolute? Is there any docs about this? Thanks
    Leo Caseiro
    I realised that I actually want to have a Navigator for each TabItem. That's what I'd like to build. Similar to: http://stackoverflow.com/a/33371215/3415716
    Luiz Otavio
    Im trying to
    <TextInput [(ngModel)]=\"user\"></TextInput>
    but geting error:
    'No value accessor for \'\''
    What i missed? =/
    Leo Caseiro
    Have you tried removing your escape? <TextInput [(ngModel)]="user"></TextInput>
    Luiz Otavio
    same err => Error: No value accessor for ''
    its happening just with ngModel =/
    i'm starting with ang2+react-native
    i just clone
    and add these <TextInput> with ngModel on hello.js
    Luiz Otavio
    <TextInput [value]="user.username" (change)="user.username = $event"></TextInput>
    works fine
    Sushruth Shastry
    Hi, Any updates on moving to angular 2 final release
    I see it has already been moved. Please ignore.

    Hi, I was wondering how I can run an app in prod mode? Is there a different way to enable prod mode than whats on the angular 2 or react native docs?

    Thank you.

    is anyone still here ?
    Anmol Mahatpurkar
    Hi, I was just curious about the future plans for this project? Is it still alive?
    I can consider this already dead :fire: @mlaval ?
    Hi, using angular 4 how to make iOS, Android native app?
    how to deploy angular 4 in live server (patch server)
    Lee Igor
    @sandeep1k try ionicframework.com
    or nativescript
    Hi. I can see, for example in ~/samples/android/hello.ts, " selector : 'hello-app' ". Where is this selector. As, in which xml file or js file?
    Juan Cernadas
    Hi, is this project actually mantained?
    Ray Fan
    Has anyone actually tried this to give some feedback on its performance?
    @cernadasjuan looking at the code freq https://github.com/angular/react-native-renderer/graphs/code-frequency it does not look like a high priority project, for good reasons :)
    Byron Altice
    Hello, could I ask a quick question here about using react-native-renderer's viability for using angular to create hybrid mobile applications?

    For my large company, I'm attempting to determine which of many mobile hybrid technologies we want to use going forward.

    Currently, we use Sencha/Ext for our front end. We package with Cordova/PhoneGap to iPhone and android phones, with a MobileFirst back end to handle sessions, and auto-updates.

    We'd like to replace at least the cordova and sencha part of our technology stack.

    My question: Is it possible or even wise to use simple angular with react-native-renderer to create hybrid mobile applications?


    @byronaltice First of all congratulations that you have a large company. Now to get to my two cents snippet back to you.
    After the dark ages of web development with just vanilla js, css and HTML, I was transitioned into the new age of web dev, with angular a couple of years ago. Fell in love and was wowed by angularjs, and as thus been a long time proponent; but I am very adaptable to change and so I haven't missed wind of React and Vue. All that was to set some background context.
    11 months ago I got employed by a certain company which was transitioning from Vaadin to React for its frontend stack. I had never before worked with React till then. Of course I was afraid of the inculcation into React from Angular, but here I am 11 months later on. So over the 11 months I've got to work with React for the web, and also React Native (RN) building a mobile app for the company from start to deployment to prod.
    But having built app with Cordova and ionic framework (which is built on angular), I did throw the suggestion a number of times, and also NativeScript (NS) because its also on angular. And later after deploying the RN app, after I was wowed by RN's JavaScript to Device BRIDGE, I sought to find if I can still have that bridge, but write the UI with my first love angular; and that's how I landed here. I cloned the repo and played around with it and ended up learning a few things that, together with my RN experience, can hopefully answer some of your questions.

    So,quoting you, "...wise ... ?"
    Answer: in my opinion, yes it's possible as the repo has shown, but is it wise? Currently, NO, it is not wise or preferred.
    From my experience of trying it is novel, but not stable, and the development experience is terrible - far from the wonderful experience of just building with RN only or NS only.

    My recommendation:
    Either go with RN only, or NS only. Go ahead and ditch Cordova if you need to (you don't have to), RN and NS are the future from Cordova.

    When to prefer RN?

    • Especially if you will be requiring to access a lot of native capabilities - vibration etc, and this, by writing your own modules and plugins. RN's BRIDGE is just wonderfully and powerfully built (props to Facebook on that, no (props) pun intended) and so easy to write for native accessibility plugins and modules (better than NS's IMHO, and also easier than Cordova's - I remember the tough days of trying to write plugins for Cordova).
    • If your devs have a good grasp of React and/or preference, or if you prefer React.

    When to prefer NS?

    • If you will not be needing to write a lot of native modules or plugins.
    • If your devs are have a good grasp of angular and/or preference, or you prefer Angular.

    So with that take, go with either RN or NS.


    Lars Rye Jeppesen
    @Kaybarax so you haven't experience with "Angular", just the old AngularJS.. imho Angular is pretty much like React, just more powerful - much more powerful. People tend to think AngularJS = Angular but that is like saying Apple = Google... just wanted to clear that misunderstanding
    @spock123 I have actually experienced and worked with Angular (moved in to straight from angularjs, about a year after angular 2 was released) and I know how powerful it is; fun fact, currently I'm working with react for my employer company, but I'm also working on a side project of my own with AngularDart (Angular and Dart). One of the many things I prefer in angular to react is how it makes it easy to implement inheritance. React is pretty much in favor of composition over inheritance as they very strongly allude to in their official docs, and also implement in their system; whilst in Angular I get the best of both worlds.
    The best actual combat is the source code!
    I am new in react
    how can I get all images from gallery with multiple checkbox selection to upload Image?