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Reviewing that api you suggested I think I'll move too, they support up to 10,000 request free vs 1,500 from freegeoip..
@xvert67 Do you use this ipwhois free in production?
or you just got a paid plan?
@BruneXX Yeah using the free in production, haven't had an issue with their cap, overall though the pricing is very affordable for these types of services if the need to scale becomes apparent. Cheers.
can anyone find solution for angular8 universal regarding "domino" =>>> Uncaught SyntaxError: Strict mode code may not include a with statement
Carlo Gino Catapang
Hi. Any guidelines for faster initial loading of SSR app? I deployed mine at http://codegino.ap-southeast-1.elasticbeanstalk.com. The initial load takes a really longer time than the static version. If I'm not mistaken I don't have any expensive API call. Thanks.
Himanshu Sharma

Hello Everyone,
With this link (https://angular.io/guide/universal) I add the Server-side rendering in angular app.

When I am running it in local system it is working as expected, Using ctrl+u command I can see meta tags,title of page etc.

As I deploy the application on Google App Engine , I can't see the changes as my local machine.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hello everyone! Noob question here: I have a storefront and a node backend; Universal prerenders only the storefront module routes ( /contact, terms-and-conditions, etc), but not the node routes ( category/:slug, product/:slug). Any idea how to prerender those? Thank you
Kasper Hansen
@carlogino One of your main issues, is your main.js bundle seems to have an extremely long content download (I'm getting rough 1.2sec), secondly, you've got a mistake in your setup of the solution, probably due to a lack of usage of TransferState (this is the reason why your application is blinking when it's loading)
Saeed Bayat
Hi everyone!
I want to use universal in my new web app but before that I want to see some medium/big project using that.
Is there any open source project You might know? tnx!
Hi Everyone
someone here is using this library? @gorniv/ngx-universal
Imran Azam
Hey guys

I'm trying to add Application Insights to my Angular Universall app.
Following this guide https://devblogs.microsoft.com/premier-developer/angular-how-to-add-application-insights-to-an-angular-spa/

i implemented the service and everything works as expect when running without SSR enabled

The issue is the when i run the app with SSR, things starts to go wrong : the app seems keep loading forever until it timeouts
Does anyone know if the MS AppInsight JS SDK is compatible with angular universal?
Chetan Kumar
Hey Guys,
Need help on universal implementation,
Just created the new angular10 application ng new <projectname>
and added the ng add @nguniversal/express-engine
As per document next step is npm run dev:ssr
but this is giving the above error
Nicolae Olariu
@nchetankumar5_gitlab check if you have project name inconsistencies between your config json files: package.json and angular.json. Project name should be the same within those 2 files.
Chetan Kumar
Ok, Thanks but
In package.json file "name": "bookcab-fe"
In Angular.json file "defaultProject": "bookcab-fe"
It is same same issue still.
HI ALL ......friends don't laugh for this question.....
Chetan Kumar
In Angular universal events are not working for example mat tab change event is not calling the function?
no errors in console
Chetan Kumar

any fix will help me in solving this event issue,
server.ts file imported domino and added following global object as well,

(global as any).window = window;
(global as any).document = window.document;
(global as any).Event = window.Event;
(global as any).KeyboardEvent = window.KeyboardEvent;
(global as any).MouseEvent = window.MouseEvent;
(global as any).FocusEvent = window.FocusEvent;
(global as any).PointerEvent = window.PointerEvent;
(global as any).HTMLElement = window.HTMLElement;
(global as any).object = window.object;
(global as any).navigator = window.navigator;
(global as any).localStorage = window.localStorage;
(global as any).sessionStorage = window.sessionStorage;
(global as any).DOMTokenList = window.DOMTokenList;

Chetan Kumar
getting this error in Angular SSR 10
if open and see the main.js file it show refreshComponent function
I’m using nestjs/ng-universal with the @nguniversal/builders:ssr-dev-server package. I notice that the browsersync triggers to early after changes have been made. The nestjs server isn’t restarted before the script triggers the reload. This will cause the browser to get stuck in reloading.
How can I fix this?
Chetan Kumar
Angular universal flickers the application and loads the page twice?
Chetan Kumar
also getting these errors in server console?
Hi everyone, I've been struggling for a long time with angular universal flickering. I've solved it many times, but it keep coming in different and creative way... is there a way to simply control when to transition to the app? This is the last scenario that I have, which cannot be solved with state transfer:
  1. Http request to get an array of row configurations
  2. Each row data is passed to a row element
  3. the row element has ngIf in the template that activate depending on the row data <- flickers, because the initial value is undefined, and when the cached data arrives, it has already remove the elements
Is there a way to say, look, don't render until we have this data, ignore that it is undefined at onNgInit time
Angular preboot seems like a possible option to avoid angular universal flickering... but it doesn't seem to work with angular 11, is that project abandoned?
How can we implement dynamic routing in angular universal
route /product/:id
How to implement socket in angular universal?
Niraj Shukla
Hi, coders..!!
i have created an angular universal app, its running fine on my local machine..
now i am trying to deploy it on digital ocean, nginx server
but there is a issue, which i am facing i.e when i visit the link, its showing me gateaway error. and i am not able to understand why this error is generated
even when pm2 is showing my app status as runningf..
if anyone has faced similar issue and was able to solve it..plz let me know
Niraj Shukla
thanks for paying attention and helping me out..!!
@shuklaniraj what is your backend , java .net core....?
Niraj Shukla
@Ilyoskhuja backend is ROR and its running on different server
Michael Doyle

Hi all! I've recently implemented Angular Universal on a single-page app, and I'm finding that the TTFB for the server-side rendering is getting as high as 8 seconds (depending on the device or connection involved). At the moment there isn't a cache set up, but is there a way I can determine how much of the TTFB would be resolved by caching, and how much is due to the actual time it takes to render the server-side content? (If it helps, the application is built on an Azure App Service)

Also, is it true that Observables cause the server-side rendering to slow down? My app has a lot of them dotted around, and if I don't need to, I'd like to avoid having to create platform-specific code branches to prevent them all from being fired (as the Universal gotchas file alludes to). Thanks!