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Vishwanatha V
Hi any idea angular universal app rendering and getting blank screen
what is absolute urls?
Rick van der Meij
Hi all, I've created a starterkit with a lot of advanced features, like SSR and prerendering. One thing i would like to achieve is using the NGRX store, to prerender data from HTTP get calls when building the application. In other words, updating the store of the initialState when on a specific route. NGX-translate provides this for languages, but i would like to know if this is even possible for store related data. The starterkit can be found at https://github.com/rickvandermey/angular-starterkit, any help is appreciated!
Jop Middelkamp
Hey guys! I've been trying to deploy an Angular Universal app to Firebase Cloud Functions. Now when I try to serve the app on my local machine trough firebase serve everything seems to work ok on first sight. But if I view the source of the page it always returns the 404 page source.. Does anyone ran into this problem before? I've got more details with git repo on StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57390195/how-to-fix-all-pages-view-source-returns-404-screens-html-while-serving-angu
@vishwackh Did you already check the console log? Sometimes you get some crashes as you for example use DOM elements on the server node. If that is the case you can solve it by injecting PLATFORM_ID, isPlatformBrowser and isPlatformServer and then put if statements around server or browser-only code.
Roberto Di Lillo
Hi guys!
I m trying to deploy a SSR landing page with lambda.
How big should be, plus or less, the zip file to make sense. (mine is 37Mb and there must be something wrong)
Also, what does it should include
Rick van der Meij
@koop4 our dist folder (not zipped) is 77,7 mb
it includes browser folder, server folder
sidenote: we are using pre-rendering
Roberto Di Lillo
ok so it's not totally impossible
and, how do you serve it?
Rick van der Meij
we use S3 on AWS
but our files are static html generated with SSR (express server)
Roberto Di Lillo
my dist folder includes the following:
  • server folder
    -browser folder
now, the browser folder includes the assets which are around 30MB
and the main.js.map which is around 7
everythuing else is very tiny
wait, how can u serve a SSR with just S3?
Rick van der Meij
do you need a .map
Roberto Di Lillo
i don't think so, but what about the assets
Rick van der Meij
https://github.com/rickvandermey/angular-starterkit when run npm run prerender:build we use the SSR functionality to spin up a express server, and we know all defined routes, to create folder structure. then we go to each route and write the HTML output to the correct folder, then we kill SSR, and upload the browser folder
it is compatible with ngx-translate and NGRX
why use a server, when none is needed ;)
Roberto Di Lillo
i think i need better explaination
so, doesn't the ssr structure requires a server?
Rick van der Meij
it does, when 'building' / 'compiling' (inside our pipeline), it generates all files for us, and then upload it to S3
clone the repo above, and try it
Roberto Di Lillo
i certainly will try
Rick van der Meij
and watch the dist/browser folder
you get multiple index html files per folder
Roberto Di Lillo
so, to deploy, what do i have to do in the end?
does it contains serverless?
or it need to be uploaded manually?
Rick van der Meij
just upload your dist map to a FTP / S3 for example
view source and hard refresh
Roberto Di Lillo
@rickvandermey essentially:
the SSR is created, then each page virtually visited, and the related html file is created for each route?
Rick van der Meij
Guillaume M
Hi guys
Has anyone managed to make Angular universal renders Web Components ?
how fix

throw new Error("NotYetImplemented");

Error: NotYetImplemented
at HTMLCanvasElement.exports.nyi

SSR angular
Rick van der Meij
@Palapapaa do you mean create the web component or inject a web component?

I am using flat mat tree , i want to show parent child relation with border, like in this work https://tina-material-tree.firebaseapp.com/simple-tree . Please help. Is there any way to get this work code ??

This is my work so far https://stackblitz.com/edit/mat-tree-with-dragging . I'm also using drag and drop in this work.

Guillaume M
@rickvandermey I have a web component and I want to use it in an Angular Universal project
Guillaume M
I managed to make the web components work
But it's not rendred by Angular Universal (if I deactivate JS the component is no longer rendered)
Tristan Crockett

Is there a good way to use Angular Universal to remove the need for a JSON API by having the Express server do all data retrieval?

From docs it appears that I could probably implement this by using TransferState and isPlatformServer. Unfortunately the code that retrieves the data will fundamentally need access to things that the client-rendered code shouldn't have access to (e.g. the database). Peppering isPlatformServer if-statements to separate code blocks that should have database access and code blocks that shouldn't sounds questionable to me.

Has anybody else addressed a use case like this or have thoughts on it?