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Repo info
    Lazar Ljubenović
    unfortunately im in no position to take any kind of deeper look into it
    Steve Belovarich
    anyways, the only reason I posted about it in here is because angular-rollup is getting closer to supporting monorepos.
    ngfx is essentially a big monorepo for several packages, it could be configured with bazel which I plan to do
    Steve Belovarich


    • BREAKING CHANGE ngr.config.js must be updated to latest schema to support multiple projects in the same build
    • NEW projects in ngr.config.js mirrors angular/cli handling of multiple projects
    • NEW cli command for library build allows user to leave out --config cli argument
    • FIXED issue that caused error messages to hang in console after TypeScript compiles without errors
    • FIXED issue that caused some errors not to produce a stacktrace
    • FIXED issue that caused library builds to not export css properly
    • FIXED issue that caused new projects to not replace the <title> tag properly
    • FIXED issue when logging library builds without any global styles
    • FIXED issue that caused node > 9.0.0 to display SIGNIT error message
    • FIXED issue that prevented dev build from displaying stats at end
    • UPDATE package to support >8.0.0 <10.0.0

    NOTE: This version contains breaking changes due to the new addition of projects in ngr.config.js.

    To migrate an existing src directory:

    ngr new my-new-app --src /path/to/old/src

    2.0.0-rc.3 is RELEASED 🎉
    Steve Belovarich


    • NEW --prettier argument to scaffold a new app with prettier and installs a precommit hook
    • NEW --ssl argument to scaffold a new app with https express server
    • DEPRECATED main.ts, use @angular/clisupplied src/main.ts instead
    • FIXED issue that prevented library build from compiling global sass
    NOTE: Running the https express server requires a public key and certificate. Generate key.pem and cert.pem and save in the backend directory.
    2.0.0-rc.4 is RELEASED 🎉
    Steve Belovarich


    • FIXED issues with --env in development build
    • FIXED issue that didnt set the environment by default to prod in prod build
    • UPDATE main.ts to compile using module and target from tsconfig
    2.0.0-rc.5 is RELEASED 🎉
    Steve Belovarich


    • NEW --ivy argument scaffolds a new app setup for angular ivy
    • UPDATE --angularVersion argument scaffolds app with a specific angular version
    • FIXED issue with sourcemaps when using --env in dev build

    2.0.0-rc.6 is RELEASED 🎉
    Lazar Ljubenović
    steve slow down :smile:
    how much does ivy work? is it worth playing around yet?
    Steve Belovarich
    Well it isnt fully backwards compatible yet and probably wont be until Angular 8.0.0
    There are two entry points planned for the compiler that havent been implement yet
    Understandable. Angular team probably wants to get it right and that will take time.
    @lazarljubenovic ^^^ the most you can do is compile a component or maybe set of components and display them on the page.
    but the minimal size of the bundle for a simple hello world is 9Kb. Very promising.
    Steve Belovarich
    I can imagine a custom solution where you could route between different pages, each displaying a different template that lazyloads ivy components, but I would rather wait until it is fully integrated and just use all the angular router goodness.
    ^^^ two good blog posts for learning about the state of ivy
    Steve Belovarich
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdfAWRKb-oI <— and this video with none other than Uri Shaked talking about it
    Lazar Ljubenović
    whoo, thanks for the shiny links
    Steve Belovarich
    OK, looks like ngcc is landing in 7.0.0-rc.1in the form of node_modules/.bin/ivy-ngcc
    Steve Belovarich
    Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 2.01.54 PM.png
    ^ before IVY
    Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.48.54 PM.png
    ^ after IVY
    bundle size is reduced by 50%!
    but there are issues with the build in 7.0.0-rc.1 I have to fix. this initial test is very promising!
    Steve Belovarich
    This is also not with the most optimal build. I still need to figure out how to just get Closure Compiler to bundle without rollup. So the bundle could get even smaller!
    @lazarljubenovic 🤯
    Lazar Ljubenović
    shit thats massive
    Steve Belovarich
    The numbers could be a bit misleading here. It might net out at ~135Kb. So far I can only get a hello world to build properly.
    Steve Belovarich


    • FIXED issue that prevented production build from working in Windows
    • FIXED issue that could potentially prevent scaffolding a new app
    • FIXED issue in library build that prevented production css from being deployed

    2.0.0-rc.7 released 🎉
    Steve Belovarich
    Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 5.47.54 PM.png
    Windows tests are passing today so getting close to 2.0.0!
    Steve Belovarich


    angular-rollup 2.0.0 delivers the same cli as 1.x with more powerful builds and integration with @angular/cli!
    • NEW integration with @angular/cli means you can run familiar commands in same project
    • NEW configuration means less files in root directory
    • NEW asynchronous build scripts deliver faster build times
    • NEW ability to work with several libraries in the same project
    • NEW logging mechanism destroys the log on every message
    • NEW pretty printed error logs in Terminal with direct links to VS Code
    • NEW ability to scaffold a project with prettier installed
    • NEW ability to scaffold a project with SSL enabled in development server
    • NEW ability to migrate an application generated with @angular/clito angular-rollup
    • NEW production build is even more optimal with inclusion of Angular Build Optimizer
    • NEW scaffold a new project with Angular IVY preconfigured
    • NEW stacktraces when ngr fails allowing for more better error reporting
    • NEW --env argument mirrors the way @angular/cli handles environments
    • NEW build hooks for development build allow you to watch changes in src or dist in ngr.config.js
    • NEW production build concatenates all vendor scripts into vendor.js cutting down network requests
    • UPDATED postcss to > 5.0.0, including new configuration with the postcss-cli
    • UPDATED --rollup argument will bundle with Rollup like before but now optimizes with Closure Compiler in ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS
    • DEPRECATED build directory, all builds are now output to dist by default comparable to @angular/cli
    • DEPRECATED the ability to scaffold an Angular Universal application. This feature will return soon!
    • DEPRECATED the ability to lazyload with Closure Compiler. This feature will return soon!
    • DEPRECATED main.ts. The build now uses the main.ts provided by @angular/cli
    • DEPRECATED unit / e2e testing scripts, use @angular/cli instead
    • DEPRECATED i18n tooling, use @angular/compiler-cli directly instead
    2.0.0 RELEASED! @/all
    Steve Belovarich
    @NikolaJankovic pipe those operators!
    Nikola Jankovic
    Oh trust me, I'm leaving no operator unpiped
    Steve Belovarich


    • UPDATE scaffold for @angular packages > 7.0.0
    • UPDATE production and library builds to support .scss filenames in component.ts files
    • UPDATE production build to support css only
    • FIXED issues in library build when using .css files instead of .scss
    NOTE: In this release we made it possible to develop easier with @angular/cli yet still build for production with ngr build prod. The existing development build still works, but it is highly recommended to use ng serve for development when possible instead of ngr build dev. If you have been developing off angular/rollup, upgrading to take advantage of ng serve is relatively simple. Update all references to .css files in your component.ts files to .scss. Now your application should run fine in @angular/cli for development and the angular-rollup production build will still honor SCSS for production.
    Steve Belovarich
    Merry Christmas!


    • UPDATE running ngr in non angular-rollup project will display error in console once again
    • FIXED issue that caused libraries to scaffold with incorrect path to es5 bundle
    • FIXED issue that caused libraries to not generate properly with a scoped name
    • FIXED issue that caused scoped packages to build without proper importAs property in metadata.json
    • FIXED issue that prevented production build when building rxjs FESM
    • FIXED issues that prevents JIT build from executing
    • FIXED issue that prevents PROD build from completing properly
    Thanks to @gkontokotsios and @danielpcampagna for the community contributions!