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Repo info
    Karim A C
    Vinicius Vieira Gomes
    I'm facing issues on firefox when displaying line charts
    Have anyone faced the same?
    my chart looks like this:
    in ff
    Marc Mauri Alloza
    Hi, just a quick question. What is the status of 0.0.8 release?
    i have a question regarding the format of the data for the directives to work
    Joe Martella
    Can anyone tell me the correct versions of d3.js, nvd3, and angularjs-nvd3-directives to use so they'll play nicely?
    How do I generate a 100% stacked bar?
    is this room alive? looking for help customizing legend text if anyone's here and has a minute :)
    Nick D
    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for an awesome directive and such! My main question is how to add a title to each chart? I followed the quickstart guide, and I have the charts working.
    Mikael Pettersson

    How do I remove the margin/padding/relative positioning that moves the piechart down?
    I also want to remove the tooltip

    I’m trying to create a 50x50 non interactive piechart, but there is something pushing down the actual chart...

    @Evanion yes you can just add these in
    in nvd3-* tag
    Jonas Persson
    Is the repo updated, cant get it to work with the latest version of angular
    im having some issue with linkExtras on the force direct graph im working on.. I got the nodeExtras function to do what i need, but not having as much luck with the links...
            nodeExtras: function(node) {        
                node && node
                .attr("r",function(d) {return d.size;})
                .attr("class", function(d) {return d.class;})
                .style("fill", function(d) {return d.color;})
                node && node
                  .attr("dx", 20)
                  .attr("dy", ".35em")
                  .text(function(d) { return d.name })
                  .style('font-size', '12px')                  
           linkExtras: function(link)
                link && link
                .attr("stroke", "#ff0000");
    ive outputted link to the console and i see the line objects
    but stuck on modifying them.
    well. i hacked my way through it.. this is what i came up with
    linkExtras: function(link)
    .attr("style",function(d) {console.log(d); return d.style;})
    Hello Team
    have any one of you tried angular2 + nvd3 ?
    I have a problem
    Dinesh Chander
    how can i change mean value on y-axis in a discrete bar graph like http://plnkr.co/edit/6t5bky?p=preview ..how can change the mean of values of y -axis so that it shows 0,30,60,90,120 instead of 0,50,100,150,200
    duncan mcmillan
    @ravi-mone Hi did you figure out your issue regards integrating angular2 and nvd3? As I have the same issue and been battling with it for some time. Thanks
    Josh Smith
    I have a nvd3 multi-chart and find that it’s yAxis is truncating at like 8000, when the domain values go up to 200,000.
    Where is the right place to help force that to adjust?

    in d3 we can use line.defined to handle data points with null values for y

    Has anyone been able to use this successfully with nvd3? if so can some one share an example?

    Aswin Devarajan
    any option for horizonttal boxplot chart?