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Repo info
    Adrian Perez
    it's this "disconnect" extension
    Tim Elfelt
    there is a new room for the new organization: https://gitter.im/angulartics
    Good evening/afternoon/morning
    I am looking at the issue
    I will need this functionality , and I happy to code it and provide a PR
    From my point of view the different provider should register themself within the name of the module to been able to filter same directly when the event is call inside the user code
    Could you kindly give me a quick summary of what is needed from other parties that way the PR will be usefull fro everybody ?
    Tim Elfelt
    @anymos I don't have any direction for you really. Both pageTrack and eventTrack should be able to be overriden with a list of providers to send to. It'd be nice to set the defaults for both types too - eg pageviews go to these services, events go to these. even better would be to namespace event types, but that's another story
    Javier Quevedo
    Hello! Is it possible to use angulartics with two analytics services at the same time? For instance send some events to one, and some events to another one.
    Tim Elfelt
    Hi @javierquevedo you can send events to multiple services, but cannot yet configure which events to send to providers
    Biswajit Dutta Baruah
    I am using the cordova plugin for angulartics. I have it set up on the test app. How would I know that it is posting data back, other than waiting for 24 hrs? Is it necessary to use the ga plugin for the cordova version to work?
    Phillip Long
    @anymos I was just looking around for this functionality today as well.
    more or less seconding what @timelf123 has said, being able to configure what service is registered to certain events on the provider level
    and/or being able to namespace an event, on the event level. Maybe something like $analytics.eventTrack('eventname', { ...properties }, { restrictTo: 'ga' })
    Tim Levett
    Hi, I submitted 2 pull requests for consideration under https://github.com/angulartics/angulartics-google-analytics/pulls
    If you need anything on these please let me know I'd be happy to amend them if needed
    André Silva
    Hey! I wrote a new plugin for angulartics... What should I do?
    And I have a question... It is possible to put the key in the app.config module and read it later?
    Tim Elfelt
    What plugin @askpt ?
    André Silva
    @timelf123 A plugin for Application Insights...
    Tim Elfelt
    You can set your key in a constant or something, depends on how the api is init
    André Silva
    I think on that in another way and I would like to prefer that user put the AppInsights script just like Google Analytics example...
    This library has automatic exception tracking? The AppInsights api has an endpoint to log exceptions... I already saw that is possible to register a function for that... But it is automatic?
    Hassan Bazzi
    I'm trying to use waitForVendorApi to no avail :(
    I'm loading Segment async.
    Hassan Bazzi
    figured it out
    Stefan Kienzle
    Is it possible to use registerSetUsername for multiple tracker? How can I call setUsername for different tracker?
    $analytics.setUsername(...) => sets the username in all loaded trackers to the same value.
    Hello. I am trying to implement angulartics in our app. Using angulartics:1.0.3 and angulartics-google-analytics: 0.1.4. When the page load, it says '$analyticsProvider.registerExceptionTrack is not a function'.
    Does anyone know what is causing this error?
    Tim Elfelt
    @frichards please try updating to the latest version of each of those packages
    Ivan Zakharchuk
    Hi, does anyone know something about angulartics/angulartics#466 ?
    Jeremy "Jay" Zahner
    Hey Guys!
    We've just submitted a PR to introduce compatibility with the angular 1.5 component router.
    It also adds more configurability on which events should be tracked.
    gopal tathe
    how webtrends infinity is supported ?
    Daron Jones

    Hi guys, I’ve just been having nightmares with Angulartics#1.3.0 with Angulartics-google-analytics#0.4.0. I’ve decided that I don’t want to use the exceptionTrack stuff at all and have rolled my version of Angulartics back to version 1.0.3 pre-dating that change.

    Angulartics-google-analytics#0.4.0 shows that it can work with versions of Angulartics above version 1, however I get an error: $analyticsProvider.registerTransactionTrack which I can only image is caused by current use of a function which did not exist in version 1.0.3.

    Can someone please clarify if the package file is incorrect and needs updating, or if I’ve done something wrong.

    is it mandatory to put angulartics and angulartics-ga js files in head section of html page?
    or can i put angulartics and angulartics-ga files end of body tag and put google analytics tracking snipped code to head tag?
    Martin Teufel
    is there an easy way to switch between multiple providers, i use GTM and a custom one for adform
    Dan Kordik
    Just submitted a pull request for the Heap Analytics plugin - checks for window.heap before attempting to call it angulartics/angulartics#548
    fyi @timelf123
    Shalom Sam
    hi unable to track transactions on GA through GTM. Can someone help?
    Karan Misra
    Hey all. I wonder if there is a good way to allow page tracking for one plugin and disable for others. For example, i would like to do explicit events for mixpanel, but do both page tracking and events for google analyticsd
    Piotr Siatkowski
    There is an open issue for it. A few post above Raphael talked about making PR for that but sadly don't think it has ever been submitted. If you had any information on this I would be glad to hear that as I need that feature as well.#
    Ajay Barokar
    Hi, I am using Angulartics2RouterlessModule.forRoot([ Angulartics2GoogleTagManager ]) . got this error : angulartics2/routerlessmodule/angulartics2-routerlessmodule.d.ts, found version 4, expected 3. "angulartics2": "5.4.0"