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Thomas Taylor
Figured it out babel required @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties in order to use class properties

antdesign please update your components for download

it has Lesser icons and outdated as well please update even though Ant design pro sketch has not all the screens update as well and also add Adobe XD and Figma Files on Your website As well. Thanks
Hi there, is it me or is Kitchen for Scetch not in English?
hi. does anyone know if there is any support for web components, or any plans for support (similar to the current react, angular, vue support)?
Didn't see anything in issues, or v4 roadmap, but thought it's worth asking. thanks.
hi. does anyone know how to use key enter for Select box to search from api

In the antd form, I have an input group which has two input text fields and have an add button to add field dynamically and delete the field too. On submit I am receiving only one input value of the input text.

You can find the code in the below link

[title]( https://codesandbox.io/s/hopeful-kilby-tkzfh) 
I need to get both the values of the input texts in the input group.
Agusti Fernandez
Hello everyone! Hope it's ok to ask this here instead that of in the pro channel which is not english speaking it seems: I've a problem with my pro layout, I don't remember if II edited something but I can get the notifications to show up. I tried replicating but right now the umi new -> ant.desiggn.pro brings an empty project to be completed with blocks, not like before the TS
Muhammad Usman
Hi there,
I need help in designing Menu having a SubMenu in it. There's no help available. if i try to make SubMenu as child menu it gives error "Cannot read property 'isRootMenu' of undefined"
ant design update rc pagination version in antd package version
I have a question about upload. How can I changing image position in filelist on Upload antd?
Hi. Does anyone meet the error below when using the component "Input"?
TS2339: Property 'value' does not exist on type 'IntrinsicAttributes & IntrinsicClassAttributes<Input> & Readonly<{ children?: ReactNode; }> & Rea...'.
Hello, I wanna restyle Radio in Antdesign. But i cannot find the way to access HTML Tag. Can anybody help me.
Juhuang Xue
Hello Can anyone show me how does "Tabs" onPrevClick and onNextClick works?
The Dynamic Form example ( https://ant.design/components/form/#components-form-demo-dynamic-form-item ) demonstrates how to dynamically add/remove form fields. However, when attempting to prepopulate these fields via mapPropsToFields the solution breaks down, seemingly because the fields are not defined at the time of the original mapPropsToFields call. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
Samir Sakanovic
can anyone help me.. i can't add antd to my react project (create-react-app). I followed the instructions but I always get this issue => Module not found: Can't resolve 'css-animation/es/Event'
Hey all, I just had a question that could not be answered easily via google searches, stackO, or asking my colleagues ... So I've turned to you! I having trouble with customizing the size of the popover component... I have tried changing the height and width in the scss file with a class and id but no luck... I have also tried ot use the !important flag but still no avail... is there somewhere in my node modules that I could override some of the default styling?
Hello, is there a way to do on demand select with antd control?
Tien Pham
Hi all, may i ask How to use the renderTabBar api in the https://ant.design/components/tabs/
Ondřej Merkun

Hi, I'm having an issue with the Select component. I have an array of options and two of these options are being used as initialValue/defaultValue of the Select component. However, this makes it so that when I open the options dropdown, I see these options that are selected by default twice. One pair of them is selected (because I put them in the initialValue/defaultValue and the other pair is not selected and is simply there because it's in the array of options.

How can I make the options that are selected by default only show once?

Ondřej Merkun
Nevermind, fixed by making sure the "value" field is not missing in any option components
Laurian Gridinoc
I'm lost on <Table columns={columns} />, this is inside a component and the columns are defined outside that component like in all examples, well, I need to add some calls to the context of the component, basically to call this.something() from bits inside a column's `render(), but there I have access to only text, record and index…
Hi i need to have button with success color (green) where my primary is blue.I i read a article that we can achieve it by using HOC way src:ant-design/ant-design#4770
I`m using Groupcheck box and showing 100 itesm as options in group check boxes. but I need
I need a search box for searching in items. also, I need to add a tag in checkbox name. I mean I want to add an image beside each option.
Hey, wondering if anyone can help me. Trying to have a Timeline update when Timeline.Items change. Essentially have a page where I can add Items to Timeline, just struggling to update the Timeline with new Items
hi, please i want to customize one component of AntDesign but when i use the example described in documentation it will be changed everywhere.. how can i make it locally? thank you :)
Samir Sakanovic
Is it possible to access and use antDesign less variables in other files...for example making div with background of @primary-color
Ayham Kteash
I just want to ask
how much of accessibility is implemented in ant ? like for screen readers
Is there any way to customize ghost property (not type) of a button?
behzad nemat morad

i created a form with ant design Form. i want to use file input of ant design the Upload component of antdesign. but when i use this compoennt and then select the file ant strart uploading this file. i dont want it. i want prevent Upload component to upload file directly i want use upload component as a file input and access the file in handleSubmit method

I'm losing time :(
pls help me

you can try
// in your less file
@import '~antd/lib/style/themes/default.less’;

.your-class {
 background: @primary-color;
Hi..is it possible to add caption to upload component images?
Fadel Ghandour
Hello, I need to know if antd has RTL support
Chloe Sun
https://github.com/ant-design/ant-design-pro-layout is this repo just a UI component that seperated from ant-design-pro? No need to use dva and umiJS?
Mansour Kalagar

I'm trying to build a form with a checkbox group. when each of my checkboxes is checked the state in redux will change but I'm not able to set state value in my UI. how can I use "mapPropsToFields"?

here is my code :

import React from 'react'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { Checkbox, Row, Col, Form } from 'antd'

function onChange(checkedValues) {
  console.log('checked = ', checkedValues)

const group = ["Trustee", "Defendant", "Client", "Applicant", "Potential Client", "Third Party", "Client Contact", "Family Law Interest", "Barrister", "Husband", "Correspondence", "Doctor", "Court", "Wife", "ICL", "Test Contact GRP", "Solicitor", "Potential Conflict", "sahar_contact_grp", "Plaintiff", "BBS Creditor", "Expert Witness",];

class ContactGroups extends React.Component {
  render() {
    const { form } = this.props
    const { getFieldDecorator } = form
    return (
          {getFieldDecorator('groups', {
            valuePropName: 'checked',
            <Checkbox.Group style={{ width: '100%' }} onChange={onChange}>
                {groupe.map(item => (
                  <Col span={8} key={item}>
                    <Checkbox value={item}>{item}</Checkbox>

const NewContactGroups = Form.create({
  name: 'new_contact_contactGroup',
  onFieldsChange(props, changedFields) {
    const { dispatch } = props
      type: 'contact/SET_STATE',
      payload: changedFields,
  mapPropsToFields(props) {
    return {
      groups: Form.createFormField(props.groups),

const mapStateToProps = state => {
  return state.contact

export default connect(mapStateToProps)(NewContactGroups)
Nasanjargal Binderiya
please help me guys, how to get response header using umm-request. Mention me if u have answer on it. Thank you guys.
Maxim Nesterenko
Hey guys, maybe someone knows how to implement such feature in multiselect:
I need some kind of hierarchy (I saw there is groups, but It's might be not enough level of nesting) and I'd like to pick all children in hierarchy when parent is clicked. Can you give any pointers on how to implement this?
As I understand there is some ways to customize rendered output of list, but I'm not really sure how to manipulate of selected items (click on parent selects all children). There probably should be some internal state which shows check-marks near items, but I'm not sure how to change it.
Ricardo Buquet
Hi! i have been using antd for the past 12 months at Groupon, and I have just implemented a simple nightwatch setup, but i find hard to get to my elements with antd
The big issue that I'm experiencing at the moment with Ant-Design is properly utilizing the Row and Col components. Every time I create a row and add columns too it, the columns don't appear next to each other on the page but below one another. How come the app is creating newlines even though my columns are within the right size range?


This codesandbox has an example of how my app currently looks like. Am I supposed to use CSS or something to place the columns next to each other? I don't get why the newlines are being created

Jorge Gomez
Hi , I need to use Form High Order Component but with hooks, in the last changes of the antd , exist a solution to use the HOC FORM with hooks?
Mustaque Ahmed

Hey, I'm creating an app in react + typescript which has 2 components (1 parent and another one is a child). Both of the components are using ant design. I want to send data from parent to child and I'm facing while doing so. Can you tell me the right way how to send data between parent and child component when both of the components are using ant design? Without ant design, I'm able to do the same using attribute and props.

<childcomponent custom={this.state.custom} />

This is how I'm writing in the parent component's render method. In the child component, I'm not able to use props.custom