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Greetings everyone: what is the difference between antd and antd-mobile we are developing a web application, but it has to be highly mobile responsive. [ but i'm confused as to which i hvae to pick between the two ]
Christoffer Palm
Is it possible to conditionally render a field item based on another field value in the form with the ant form components without having to pull these values out with onValuesChange and setting them as local state?
Deekshith M R
https://ant.design/components/form/#components-form-demo-dynamic-form-items in this form, At first I need one set of the form field, then on clicking add field button, I need to get the next form fields, any suggestion
Hello guys, we are about to submit a paper that consists of a web application for synthetic biology which makes heavy use of Ant Design. Is there a way to cite o reference the library?
@gyanezfeliu This might be helpful: https://carpentries.topicbox.com/groups/discuss/T33d60669d32ac1d7
You can create a DOI
Ben Senescu
Has anyone been able to successfully custom themes with storybook 6 and antd?
Ricky Chan
Maybe a simple question but I couldn't find the answer, anyone knows much about the built-in internationalization? I know you could switch between languages and there are those locales files where you insert translation of labels of controls and pages, etc. How do you define a label attribute such as <Drawer title="menu.list.table-list".../> ? so that it knows to pick up the correct language from the locale files?
Ricky Chan
Nevermind, I figured it out that you could use this pattern to implement by using FormattedMessage such as: {
title: <FormattedMessage id="some.locales.key" />,
dataIndex: "artist",
Hi, does anybody know how I can find the Rating component of AntD ? I mean not the website I mean in Visual studio, like I copied all the API's, but I do not know what the stars are named and where to find more information.. like their variable name etc. I am trying to set a value in rating star
Hi, does anybody knows how to bind API data to a Dropdown in AntD?


help please, is there an analogue react-split-pane or how to do this on antd?
described the question in detail here:


Hi, does anybody knows how to bind API data to a Dropdown in AntD?


help please, is there an analogue react-split-pane or how to do this on antd?
described the question in detail here:


No ideas? ((

Hello guys,
How can we debounce antd form?
Bohdan Shepeliuk
who can help me?
how to move to center List component ?
Are you interested in react server side rendering
Ricky Chan
Hi has anyone worked with Ant Design datepicker and know how to transform the data for storing to the backend? I am using Parse Server and the date datatype requirement is a javascript date format and i'll need to convert Ant Design's datepicker format to a javascript date prior to storing it on the server thanks!
Deekshith M R
hi, how to get events in Checkbox.Groups onChange?
Niklas Becker
When using the Menu Component, how do I change the Icon from three dots to an actual SVG, overflowedIndicator doesn't seem to work for me when I pass it an SVG imported as ReactComponent like this => import { ReactComponent as Cross } from "../../svg/Close.svg";
Hey I am trying to override the global less variables, does anyone know a way to override them for a single component. For example I have two select components, for one I wish to override the global variable value to one value and the other to another value. Any possible solution?

In REACT, let says you have those AntD checkboxes:

[x] Allan
[x] Ben
[x] Tom

And this AntD table:

Name Age
Allan 53
Ben 23
Tom 40

As the names get checked/unchecked, I want the grid to only display checked items (rows). I'd prefer not to build and set a new dataSource each time the checkboxes change state.

Hey, im using antd upload for uploading video. If i set the file in react state onBefore upload will it store the entire file in the state or just the reference to the path of file and other details ?
Deekshith M R
how to collapse all open panel on one click?
More questions than answers here lol
can anyone offer guidance on overriding default component styles?
Hi guys. My question is, why does antd override body styles? Especially for font-family. Because it broke the fonts of our site (fonts were defined in the body) and the only solution I found was add !important to font-family. Maybe there is a better solution?
Hi all, I have a question. I would like to have a label that's editable >> example: when I click on it to convert from label to input, and when I click outside of input to convert to label. Is anything like this supported in antd or react-component?
Christoffer Palm
Has anyone been able to use date-fns with the date picker component? My project crashes every time I try to open the picker with an error saying that the localize function does not exist on date-fns. This happens even if I use exactly the same version as the rc-picker library uses.
Christoffer Palm
Yeah, I'm already using date-fns in the project so that would be the preferable option and I also want the pickers to return actual date objects and not daysj or moment objects.
How to support right to left (rtl) with antd
James Nguyen
Hi everyone, currently I'm using ant 3.x. but the Timeline Component doesn't support label. It just works on ant 4.x. How can I update it for ant 3.x ?

Hey guys, needed some help. I have this piece of code...

<Select id="trains" name="trains" mode="multiple" allowClear placeholder="Select Course Trainers" defaultValue={initialValues.assignedTrainers.map(trainer => (
<Select.Option key={trainer._id} value={trainer._id}>
{initialValues.trainers.map(trainer => (
<Select.Option key={trainer._id} value={trainer._id}>

The default values in the select shows no label. But the dropdown (options) of the Select component show labels properly
How can I make the default values appear correctly?
Please look at the above screenshot. See the default values don't show up with labels.
Yogesh R. Bhatt


I want to change date format in pro table listing.

Can you help me on this?

Form changes don’t persist on tab switching

Any idea?

I am using ant design Upload component and it let me upload photos of larger size (20 mb) in development environment but the same code is not working on staging environment. It let me upload file upto 1 mb only. Any solution to this? i am stuck at this from morning and can't find anything in the docs.
Spencer Arnold
@wowtech_gitlab I haven’t viewed the link you posted, but what you describe is natural behavior. If you want form information to persist, you need to store the state and reload it when the form is rendered again. This is common with other technologies as well. The default is that the tab component shouldn’t keep track of form state within each tab, because not everybody wants to render a form within a tab. To develop this feature, the antd team could develop this functionality, but it wouldn’t be practical to develop functionality for this one case, because there are so many cases of what could be rendered/what everyone else wants.
Jiri Bleha
Hello, does anybody know if the AntD team has a plan about English Sketch UI kit?
hi does anybody know how can I display a checkbox column in a table ? the column is a boolean type
Super Creator
Can I search title in TreeSelect? The search works for value as default.