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hi does anybody know how can I display a checkbox column in a table ? the column is a boolean type
Super Creator
Can I search title in TreeSelect? The search works for value as default.
I am having a trouble Norwegian translations to my app. Can anybody help me in how can I add my custom translations to the locale in config provider? Is there a way to use react-intl along with antd config provider?

I have scene like this

<Form ref={this.formRef} onFinish={this.handleSubmit.bind(this)} style={{ width: '100%' }} layout='vertical'>
        // className={rules.find(r => r.required || r.validator) ? 'required' : ''}
        name={validatorId}// unique id 
                required: true,
                validator: (rule, value, callback) => {
                    try {
                        if (value) { callback('some error'); }
                        else {
                            callback('other error');

                    catch (err) {
                        // Error does not show in console if occurred hence need to catch here
                        console.log('Error in validator: ', err);
                        // callback(err)
        {component} // any input component
    {100+ Form.Item fields}

so now when I type in input field text started showing after a visible lag

Can anyone help here?

Can we debounce the onFieldsChange and onValuesChange functions of form?
Pedro Siqueira
Does anybody know how i can change the radio input border color on focus? Can't seem to find it anywhere. The radio inputs I want to customize are here https://codesandbox.io/s/zen-ride-cxvne?file=/index.js
marcin mikołajczak🏳️‍🌈
Hi, I’m working on a project using Antd and this framework solves most of the problems I had with other similar frameworks. I will probably switch to Antd for another project that currently uses material-ui, but there’s one problem, I don’t know if it’s possible to create complex forms using antd <Form /> component, like form with a field which is an array of objects containing another array etc. Would that be possible with antd form component? When I tried, I had a problem with validation that was getting triggered endlessly
Or should I use something different for forms?
marcin mikołajczak🏳️‍🌈
In my current project it led me to one of my most hacky solutions, but it was just for a simple array of objects
Does anyone know why this is happening? The state gets updated correctly but the items in the input field stay there when they get deselected.
Edgar J Rojas L
Hi people!! I'm new on antd. I'm trying to make a navbar with react-router-dom. Any tutorial over there???
Hello, does anyone have any idea why the CSS is not being loaded when antd is used with Frontity framework?

Hi guys.

Is it possible to somehow do something so that when you select in the list using the "tab" key on keyboard, you first select a value(by tab button) and immediately switch to another field. Now the select component work only to the enter key.
i am need to make him choose the value and also according to the tab.
thanks in advance

Devora Solomon
Hey !
i have a html frontend i want to design it with ant but not to install 'create-react-app'
just use and
one file on html that i need to design with ant
Devora Solomon
can any one please help ?
get react working in a single html file first, then add ant design
Anyone here used Antd Chart before?
Gonzalo González Mora
Hey how's it going? I'm having an issue with the Carousel. If I render components inside the carousel, and one of them is empty (return null for example), the dot for that item renders anyway? Is this intended? or a limitation? or a bug? I made a Codepen to show it: https://codepen.io/GonzaloGM/pen/JjKbaMz?editors=0010
Tural Hajiyev
Hi, is there any why to handle select input event before value change ?
Hi guys I want to add divider between each rows in List component not sure List has that api or how to do it please check the codsandbox example.
Shakxzod Namazbaev
Hi, I am using version 4 of Ant Design. My problem is that I can't place the data inside the Form in the Input. Information is visible outside the form, but no information is visible inside the form. I use initialValue for this
Carl Sachs
Hello I am trying to add a couple carousels into my current web application. I imported everything just fine, yet when I set <Carousel autoplay> to <Carousel vertical autoplay>, it still slides on an x axis. Any help is appreciated
Hello Can you please help me
like this
Снимок экрана 2020-10-24 в 7.54.11.png
Everything is work in example
but when i wanna make one input depend on value of another input it doesn't work
<Form.List name="conditions">
{(fields, { add, remove }) => {
return (
{fields.map(field => (
<Space key={field.key} style={{ display: 'flex', marginBottom: 8 }} align="start">
<Form.Item {...field} name={[field.name, 'entityType']} fieldKey={[field.fieldKey, 'entityType']} rules={[{ required: true, message: 'Вы не указали параметр' }]} >
style={{ width: 130 }}
      shouldUpdate={(prevValues, curValues) =>
        prevValues.entityType !== curValues.entityType || prevValues.para !== curValues.para
      {() => (
        name={[field.name, 'param']}
        fieldKey={[field.fieldKey, 'param']}
        rules={[{ required: true, message: 'Вы не указали параметр' }]}
        {(para[form.getFieldValue('entityType')] || []).map((elem, index) => (
          <Option value={elem.value}>{elem.label}</Option>
      name={[field.name, 'value']}
      fieldKey={[field.fieldKey, 'value']}
      rules={[{ required: true, message: 'Вы не указали значение' }]}
      <Input placeholder="Значение"
      name={[field.name, 'operand']}
      fieldKey={[field.fieldKey, 'operand']}
      rules={[{ required: true, message: 'Вы не указали оператор' }]}
      style={{ width: 130 }}

      onClick={() => {

    onClick={() => {
    <PlusOutlined /> Добавить критерий
Can somebody help?
Снимок экрана 2020-10-24 в 7.55.56.png
good chat...
hello ! please , does somebody can help ? how to set a value(exemple :color) of a specific row in ant table by clicking on that row action's button ? when i am trying to do it , all my table color change
Ihsan Maulana Hamdani
use rowClassName and you have to save current row id
what you mean?
Knut Olav Bøhmer
Wouldn't a sane default css value for Typography.Text with ellipsis be {max-width: "100%"}?
Knut Olav Bøhmer
I could create an issue on it if anyone agrees
or a pr.
Hi everyone. I'm trying to use ant Modal component but I only get the html of the component. I'm sharing with you the result.
anyone know why its hapenning?
1 reply
Knut Olav Bøhmer
@wwwshayronen show me the code.
Brian Hinton
Anyone have thoughts on two versions of ANT existing within the sameproject?
Hello! Anyone knows how to edit the submit-reset text of the pro table form or even the normal form? It is not localized properly on my locale and I need to fix that
Tianqi Yu
Hi all, is it possible to specify each Step's width for the Steps component? I specifically want to use Steps with type="navigation" and I want e.g. step 1 to have 1/3 widths and step 2 has 2/3 widths of the steps bar (https://codesandbox.io/s/confident-glade-3f7xh?file=/index.js). Anyone know how I would be able to achieve this goal? Simply adding a style with width on the Step doesn't work.
1 reply