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Herbert Pimentel
Hey guys i am strugling with this less variables, I need to define a the color for :hover behaviour. antd default behavior is make it little lighter I need make any hover little darker than primary- color, how can I do that ?!
hi,i'am www.mayi.design
mayi.design domain is for sale
is anybody here?
Steven Pease
I am here, @vesanyy !
Ricky Chan
Has anyone tried using the Table or ProTable component in a mobile portrait mode format? for some reason, if I have text which doesn't fit within the cells the words doesn't wrap to the next line and takes up the other cell spaces. If the mobile orientation is in landscape mode it works
@svpease nice to meet you
Hi, I am using <Upload /> inside <Modal />. But with each added file for upload (beforeFileUpload callback) I can see modal rerender and efect of showing modal runs again. Any idea how to prevent that please?
Shakxzod Namazbaev
Hi, How to use Modal re-render?
Hi. I'm using antd in an AMD/RequireJS environment. My predecessor has created our project so that it simply includes the whole of the antd distribution, thus swelling our built module by 10Mb of antd code. I use a fairly small subset of components, and wondered if there was a way (some way - doesn't have to be sophisticated) of ONLY including those parts of the antd codebase that I really need ?
Sagnick Banerjee
npm test fails, Throws error as ReferenceError: globalThis is not defined
Anthony Webster
Hiya, quick question: when using the Select component in tag mode how can one stop the component from allowing the user to add new values ? I need the select to be able to search based on user input but not to accept any values which aren't already Options...
nevermind. I need to use multiple mode
Daniel Barrera
Hi, In forms, how to move focus programatically?
Vincent Cheung
react ref
Steven Pease
has anyone here successfully submitted a PR for the codebase?
Hi all, I've been searching for a while now on how to clear the search field after a transfer is done within the transfer component, but I haven't found a proper solution. Anyone who can help?
2 replies
Vlad Florin Sodringa
Hello guys, does anyone of you have a nice header example done in antd?
Guys, there's only questions in this chat. Why bother asking if no one answers? (oops, another question! :)
Muhammad Arslan Ali
Hi there!!!
anyone online?
Antonijo Đođ
Just hi :)
Vlad Florin Sodringa
Hey, does anyone know how can I add multiple badges to an element?
Hi. Simple question: is there a way to set the class name of a antd table?
Abraham Olatubosun
Hey Hi, I am new to Ant-design and React I guess I will be needing all of your help to bring me up to speed, I am currently developing a project, that should have a horizontal bar menu with some dropdown sub-menu, I have seen some cool once from Ant-Design how do I integrate it with my current react project. Thanks
Hello i am new using AntDesign i have some questions ? do i have to use a lot of CSS bare code to style Ant? or i need to better understand the Grid? and also i dont see many AntTemplates so i can see how the code is being structure thanks a lot AntCommunity
Artur Marchi
can i change width and height of upload component?
Egor Shumanskiy
Hello everybody! Is there any way to customize Form.Item feedback icons ( https://ant.design/components/form/#components-form-demo-validate-static )? Has anybody swapped these icons ever?
Jude Lee
Hi I have a Drawer with the width being set still showing the initial width when it is opened... can't seem to get this to work.... any ideas? I'm using React and "@ant-design/compatible": "^1.0.2",
"@ant-design/icons": "^4.1.0",
Heelllllp :) Thanks!
I set the width to 720 or any bigger value but still opens at it's intial width which is 256 I believe
Hey guys, somebody faced issue for antd components that it's don't show suggestions ?
I'm about this things
2 replies
Hello. When I set the value property of a <Checkbox.Group> the checkbox corresponding to the value does not get set if I am using an antd Form. If I use <Checkbox.Group> without a <Form> setting the value property works. Has anyone encountered this problem?
Pranay Prateek
I want to show a form if a user clicks a particular option in select. The form should appear at the same place where the option list appears. How can I do this?
Linda Saleh
Hi Guys
I need to change the font size of ant design in run time is that possible ?
Hi! I was playing here a bit with adding avatars to one of my apps, so wrapped a demo here https://avatar-selector.netlify.app
You can grab the source code on https://github.com/skitsanos/avatar-selector
There are 40 avatars linked by default
@skitsanos Nice project. Is it easy to create custom avatars from your source? Other feedback would be to add option to change skin tone and facial feature to support various ethnicities.
@herbthecoder this one is rather basic one :) i have another one with support for gravatars and other avatar services, one of them comes with really detailed config options. In reality even this one is rather simple to 'tweak' as well. Maybe later will open source that bits as well...
@LindaMoussa_gitlab everything is possible
Why cant the Form read the Values form my Object? I tried also to use InitialValues in the Form but the Input fields are empty
Shakxzod Namazbaev
Did anyone at Ant Design work with Tree drag and drop?
hi there, I'm sure this has been asked before, but is there an english version of the Sketch design files? Thank you