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I'm about this things
2 replies
Hello. When I set the value property of a <Checkbox.Group> the checkbox corresponding to the value does not get set if I am using an antd Form. If I use <Checkbox.Group> without a <Form> setting the value property works. Has anyone encountered this problem?
Pranay Prateek
I want to show a form if a user clicks a particular option in select. The form should appear at the same place where the option list appears. How can I do this?
Linda Saleh
Hi Guys
I need to change the font size of ant design in run time is that possible ?
Hi! I was playing here a bit with adding avatars to one of my apps, so wrapped a demo here https://avatar-selector.netlify.app
You can grab the source code on https://github.com/skitsanos/avatar-selector
There are 40 avatars linked by default
@skitsanos Nice project. Is it easy to create custom avatars from your source? Other feedback would be to add option to change skin tone and facial feature to support various ethnicities.
@herbthecoder this one is rather basic one :) i have another one with support for gravatars and other avatar services, one of them comes with really detailed config options. In reality even this one is rather simple to 'tweak' as well. Maybe later will open source that bits as well...
@LindaMoussa_gitlab everything is possible
Why cant the Form read the Values form my Object? I tried also to use InitialValues in the Form but the Input fields are empty
Shakxzod Namazbaev
Did anyone at Ant Design work with Tree drag and drop?
hi there, I'm sure this has been asked before, but is there an english version of the Sketch design files? Thank you
hi guys what's happening? antd is deleted from github
Bryce Easley
Yeah I'm seeing the same thing.
hi there can someone help me, I need to remove the arrow in the submenu and instead put a component that purposes as options for this submenu

Hi everyone!

I am try to write a unit test of biz components which is base on antd select.
I use @testing-library to write unit test.

This is my unit test code:

it('filter by input', async () => {
    const { getByRole, rerender, container } = render(<MySelect />);

    await act(async () => {

    expect(screen.queryAllByRole('option')).toHaveLength(58); // received => 2

This is my biz component

const OPTOINS = [{ value: 'a', text: 'a' }, {value: 'b', text: ‘b'} ];  // There are 58 options.
const MySelect = forwardRef((props, ref) => {
  const handleSelectFilter = useCallback(
    (input, option) => option.children.includes(input),
  return (
      {OPTIONS.map(({ value, text }) => (
        <Select.Option key={value}>{text}</Select.Option>

What should i do to simulate open select option list?
In antd v4, select impl by virtual list.
So, what is the correct excepted value?

Hi there. It's normal that after a form.resetFields(['parent']), the 'child' fields (['parent', 'somechild'] etc) are not refreshed ?
hi Im trying to use antd-theme-webpack-plugin with craco and its not working im getting this on the console "Less has finished and no sheets were loaded"
Szalai Laci

I made a Youtube playlist about AntD English tutorials.

You can watch the videos.
You can add videos, this is how:
Use this link
Click the Haburger_Plus sign to Save playlist (You become an author of the playlist)
Each time you want to add a video: 3 dots, Save to playlist, choose AntD .

Let me know if you like this idea and how difficult it was to follow the steps.

For now i just added two videos from youtubers, the content should grow in the future, as we all add good videos (!) to it.
Playlist = Library, same thing.
Follow the steps on PC.
Szalai Laci
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm thinking which state management library to use in a new UMI project: DVA or Redux.
You might have some thoughts on this, or just find this info useful.

What's the connection with antd?
Antd uses UMI and DVA.

PROS (DVA is good because:)
There is a Chinese community behind it (I live in China), they have tutorials and groups for questions.
UMI is made for DVA, so future compatibility is granted.
Small size. Empty UMI project with DVA added is 0.5 MB.

CONS (DVA is bad because:)
Poorly documented.

There is a much bigger English language community behind it.
Very complex, has Hooks and other features to cover special needs.

Large size. Empty UMI project with Redux added is 2.6 MB.

This is not final, but i might choose DVA because of the size. It won't be easy though, cause I don't understand the Chinese documentation and machine translation gives a poor result.

Ricky Chan
For anyone interested in using Ant Design Pro + Parse Server as a backend with user authentication hooked up, I have a seed project here -> https://github.com/RocketCodeYYC/RocketCode-Platform
I'll need to spend some more time on documentation, but good enough to get you started, thanks
Szalai Laci
@yhrchan_twitter Thanks. Sharing is caring. :)
Aaron Grau
Hi does anyone have any example repos they could point me to that integrate graphql into ant design pro?
Artur Marchi
hey guys
how can I remove "am/pm" from the component?
it's on the vue
Szalai Laci

@marchiartur is coding during Easter... :P

<TimePicker format="HH:mm a"/>
"a" refers to AM/PM. Comes from moment.js
But I think you have figured it out already...

<TimePicker format="HH:mm"/>
No "a", it should remove AM/PM.
Szalai Laci
<TimePicker format="hh:mm"/>
HH 17 = hh 5 PM

İ used filtered antd
but not working
title: t('columns.status'),
dataIndex: 'status',
key: 'status',
editable: true,
filters: [
text: 'ONLINE',
value: "ONLINE",
text: 'OFFLINE',
value: "OFFLINE",

filterMultiple: false,
onFilter: (value, record) => record.status.indexOf(value) === 0,

this is my code

Artur Marchi
@szlaci3 thank you
hey guys
it's always true
Artur Marchi
can't I set a color for a badge and put a conditional for its visibility?
Szalai Laci
The collapsed-button is shown on the sidebar and I want it on the header. I can't find any config that refers to this. Do you know if there is a way to move it (and customize it)? Otherwise I will hide it and make my own button. The hardest will be to get its state.
This is ant-design-pro 5

Hi! I have a question. On Form Items, how can I run automatically the validation that is under the property "rules" when it loads the initial value?

I see that only works when you change the value of the input


I am new to Ant-design though I have been doing some reading about it but still thinking how best to implement it with my REACT application. I am frustrated with MATERIAL-UI, just to implement Form Layout using MATERIAL-UI GRID and CONTAINER is taking me forever, my project is for 4 weeks and I have been trying this framework for 2 weeks now which is 50% of my productive working time wasted.
Please I will need anyone to bring me to SPEED, on how to implement ANT-DESIGN in my React Project so that I can meet up with the timeline.

Thank you in anticipation

Hi All
Is there any to reset antd slider on button click?