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I am new to Ant-design though I have been doing some reading about it but still thinking how best to implement it with my REACT application. I am frustrated with MATERIAL-UI, just to implement Form Layout using MATERIAL-UI GRID and CONTAINER is taking me forever, my project is for 4 weeks and I have been trying this framework for 2 weeks now which is 50% of my productive working time wasted.
Please I will need anyone to bring me to SPEED, on how to implement ANT-DESIGN in my React Project so that I can meet up with the timeline.

Thank you in anticipation

Hi All
Is there any to reset antd slider on button click?
Fernando Abrão
Hi @abrahamolatubosun1973 , It depends on how you use it. I speeded up my producitivity using ANT-DESIGN with ng-zorro, Antd with Angular. Even knowing that this is heavy framework, it worth.
Maryam Abdi
I used ant-design version-3 in my project
I started to migrate v4
but in this time (in v3) I need feature in date-picker when change month or year by arrows of date-picker call my function
I know in v4 ant has onPanelChange but could you give me solution in v3?
I asked in ant-design github but they didn't help me
Artur Marchi
hey guys, how can I use date-fns in time picker?
Can someone give feedback on the current compliance of ant design to WCAG 2.0 AA? If it's not compliant I won't be able to use it (and if that's the case saying it's an enterprise-class framework is simply wrong ;) )
Please help me with my code. I am trying to do a simple project using react and excel but not able to display the output. I worked as a developer 3 years back but now starting again so facing a lot of issues. Can anyone help me ?
Yasin Khan
hello, I'm new to this community
I'm trying to use cloudinary to host all the image data for when I make a file upload but I keep getting a 400 error. It's hard for me to figure out how to use this with ant designs upload component which I got from the offical docs. It should be able to upload up to 5 files and if there are more, it conditionally un-renders the upload button, which I have already done. I just dont know how to handle the action attribute, all my work is being done on the serverUpload function.
Hi, how can I delete a row on table ? Thank you
Hello everyone. I have a question, how can I draw Menu.SubMenu and it Menu.Item components in map loop function?
data  = {
    "Weldlog": [
            "id": 1,
            "title": "Weldlog",
            "link": "/workspace/weldlog",
            "icon": "MonitorOutlined",
            "component": "Weldlog",
            "is_root": true,
            "parent": null
            "id": 2,
            "title": "Labs",
            "link": "labs",
            "icon": "MonitorOutlined",
            "component": "Labs",
            "is_root": false,
            "parent": "Weldlog"
            "id": 3,
            "title": "Lab requests",
            "link": "labrequest",
            "icon": "FileProtectOutlined",
            "component": "LabRequest",
            "is_root": false,
            "parent": "Weldlog"
Render function:
    render() {
        const { navMenuData } = this.state;
        if(navMenuData === null){
                <Spin tip="Загружаем меню..."/>
        } else {
            return (
                    <Menu theme="dark" mode="horizontal" defaultSelectedKeys={this.props.activeKey} selectedKeys={this.props.activeKey}>
                            Object.entries(navMenuData).map(([menuRootItem, menuItems]) => (
                                <Menu.SubMenu title={menuRootItem}>
                                        Object.values(menuItems).map((menuItem) => {
                                                <Menu.Item key={menuItem.link}>{menuItem.title}</Menu.Item>
                            onClick={() => {this.setState({visible: true})}}
                            style={{marginLeft: 'auto'}}
                            {`${this.state.auth.profile.first_name} ${this.state.auth.profile.second_name}`}

                        onClose={() => this.setState({visible: false})}
                        // visible={true}
Aadarsha Acharya
how to use tag input component in ant design
is there any specific library for that?
Simon Rydberg

So I have a table where I mark rows red if they have a status FAIL, this works nice, but now I want the hover color to have a stronger red color on the FAIL rows.
I cant find anyway to manipulate the hover color in the table.
To be clear, I want to change the hover color on the table depending on the data of the row.

    rowClassName={(record, index) =>
            ? "table-row-failed"
            : ""

Is this possible?

Simon Rydberg
To answer my own question, this is the solution that worked for me.
.table-row-failed {
    background-color: #ffccc7;
.table-row-failed:hover {
    background-color: #ffa39e;
> tr.ant-table-row:hover.table-row-failed
> td {
    background: unset;
Monarch Maisuriya
Hello there, I need a custom select+input component for my form. One where I can either choose a value from select or type a custom value in the input. I cannot seem to find anything similar to this on the documentation website. Is there such a thing in antd ? Or any other component with this functionality ?
1 reply
Oleg Korsak
Hi there. I have a question regarding Layout Sider : https://3x.ant.design/components/layout/#components-layout-demo-top-side
Is there any best practices to have a Sider menu which is dependant on main menu item selection? To have different Sider menus for every main menu item selected?
Like if there is a top-level App component which handles the layout, main/left menus and I just need to pass apropriate menu to it... I would like to not copy paste siders across all pages
Momin Riyadh
Hello Dear Fellow Developers
I'm using ant.design for the first time
And I'm having problem with ant.design navigation menu active classw
active class not working for navigation
Priyank Pulumati

Hi all
Forgive me if this has been asked previously.

I am facing a css bundle size issue (12 MB)

I'm importing a lot of AntD components in my project like
import { Button } from 'antd';

In my App.less I am importing @import '~antd/dist/antd.less';

When I build my react app (created with create-react-app)
The main css chunk size is 12 MB.

I analzyed it with source-map-explorer it shows 70% of it is from colors and style

Version: 4.16.13
Hi, everyone!
shreelola hegde
Are there any English ant design templates for sketch?
hello everyone
Nguyễn Lê Xuân Hòa
Hi guy
I just meet a problem when I use antd in mobile the first time
I just use the Checkbox and style it, nothing else, But I got this error after I restart the project
could anyone please help me
Nguyễn Lê Xuân Hòa
please can anyone help me with this bug
Đức Huy Lê
i had a problem with types Moment in antd when migrate antd from 4.17.4 to 4.20.3 . Can any one please help me check this out
Convert Vy
Hello, I have my new site which called https://vyconvert.com/. VyConvert is the place where you can find everything about converting: celcius to farenheit convert, convert cm to inches, convert pdf to word, etc. The main purpose of vyconvert.com is to provide a comprehensive collection of convert-type results matching your search! Hope you like it and take a look at it
how use all icons of the main.js vue
import icon from '@ant-design/icons-vue' , but writing .use(icon) error vue
Hi everyone, can someone please recommend an input mask library that can work seamlessly with ant-design-vue? thanks!
Szalai Laci
Has someone used Map Geolocation in China? Something like these:
Amap @uiw/react-amap
Baidu react-baidu-map
I can't get user's coordinates on computer anymore.
Abigail Edwards
Hello, Can anyone offer some help?
I want to use the Selectable Menu - dropdown from the 4.23.2 version but my project is currently running in 3.xx version. Is there a way to do this?
Thank you