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Yeah I couldn’t figure out how to add the redux form reducer to the existing dva/modal architecture
Scott Williams
Good question. I'm not as familiar with how that stuff gets implemented. are you using a "block" or regular AntD components to an AntD form?
Just regular AntD actually
Scott Williams
Things get harder when you're using their higher-order components bc you have to work within their established event/state mgmt. I think you could perform a normal instillation of redux-form with it's connect pattern. I could be wrong though... isn't redux-form's goal to move form data out of the globally managed state?
there's redux or react-final-form now. and I think a react-form-hooks of some sort that'll use react's hooks to manage forms.
I'm not being super helpful, but these are the things I've been looking at for forms.
Thank you @scott-joe I'm gonna check your suggestions
Gökhan Çoban
Hi, how can I change paddings on Prolayout's Content? I can't give style to Prolayout components. Since I want to change paddings only on a single page, I can't directly set to global less file. What can you suggest?
Gökhan Çoban
Since ProLayout is not in our source code (generated with umi) we cannot change it according to our needs
Hello, do you guys know how to make the pro side bar collapsed by default?
I couldn't get it to work right when trying to set collapsed for the Sider to default true
Scott Williams
@cobangoo_twitter I've had the same problem with sub-components for the Pro layout.
hi there
i have a little bit problems
i am trying to change the favicon of the top of the browser
if anyone can help me
actually apears Pro black icon, and i want to put my icon.
I need to put my favicon on the left side of "Home"
hi there. I am trying to filter the access to my web app, using login block, so all the path redirect to the login, unless you access the web app
Hi, could someone help mi with: ant-design/ant-design-pro#5237

Hi everyone, is there a way to extend a predefined style from antd?

        &:extend(.ant-btn .ant-btn-primary all);
        padding: 30px;
<Button className={style.crazy_btn}></Button>

But this seems not having effect.

I've searched around for this but can't find any good result.
Thank you all
hello. How do I set up prettier on vscode to lint errors that lint-staged finds on precommit?
Anuruddha Thennakoon
Hello, How can I translate the ProTable option text. These are default tooltips.
Anwar Chakhar
Hi everyone, anyone had issues when first importing antd pro ?
I'm using webpack and it seems related to how less files are imported. Antd is already in usage in the project and everything was fine until adding pro-layout
Anwar Chakhar
anyone using antd-pro as external library and webpack ?
Geoffrey Cambefort
Hi AntD Pro developers :)
🔥 New Charting Library G2Plot 1.0 is released! https://twitter.com/AntDesignUI/status/1240125806774542336
Hi Everyone, I'm a beginner developer and was hoping to use Ant-design and G2Plot, but I noticed a lot of the tutorials aren't in English. Is there an English version or should the code snippets be enough to understand what to do?

Hi everyone.

Is there any solution to resolve performance problem of sider menu when menu data is too much.

I think the reason is use too many animation(by use transition: all).
Should i override all transition???

Is there anyone have same problem???
How did you resolve it?

MD. Asifur Rahman
Any direction for state management in ant d pro.. I generally use redux, but I am struggling with pro's state management
Renan William Alves de Paula
the state management is made using react hooks
Hi, using ant design pro for first time, Not able to render the data in ProTable. Its a simple request, export async function queryRule() {
return request('http://localhost:5060/api/v1/product/all');
request={() => queryRule()}, but when i use hardcoded value it is rendering, not sure what am i doing wrong, sample data, request={() => ( {
data : [
{productid: "12189", skuid: "AuroraWMDRS-375", title: "Hermitage Empire Waist Evening Gown"},
{productid: "12465", skuid: "AuroraWMDRS-651", title: "Hermitage Knit Cocktail Dress"}
} ) }
Gurkaran Singh
Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 12.35.23 PM.png
hey guys...can anyone tell me how to change that image in initial loading saying "Pro" in very center??
Kenshin Himura
@TheStarkster You can find html for that in document.ejs file in pages folder
Gurkaran Singh

@IMD_Jiban_twitter thank you very much, can you also tell me from where can i change the logo text from "Ant Design Pro" to "My Project" ? i already looked into config.js and changed title there, it worked in my previous project but not in new one

also the title of the page is <page-name> - Ant Design Pro i want to change it to just <page-name>

guidance will be highly appreciated

sorry that wasn't config.js it was defaultSettings.js but still doesn't work
Kenshin Himura
@TheStarkster which logo text?
Can't tell about page title.
Gurkaran Singh
@IMD_Jiban_twitter thanks dude i figured that out i accidently removed {...settings} from ProLayout in BasicLayout.jsx
Hi, People
Jon Link
Seems like this channel is maybe dead?
Hi guys any news on the v6 issue about setting colorPrimary from config/defaultSettings?