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Commenting out any combination of those lines seems to be a no-go. I might just reinstall.
Pavel Mishkovich
Hello! I am having trouble finding the source files for the plugins I installed using antigen. Where do they usually get stored?
Augusto Gonzalez
Hello Guys. I am trying to use zsh as the main terminal
but I do have problems to do so
I already install antigen
and install zsh
Augusto Gonzalez
I already fix it
this tutorial was pretty straight forward. So if anyone has the same problem just check it out
How do I uninstall antigen and revert my plugins to the point they were at prior to the install? I'm having some issues with slowness and my theme not working, so I just want to uninstall. Can't find any information about how to do this in the wiki.
David Napier
Hi, I'm struggling with an issue, and I'm not exactly sure when it began (what action caused it). For some reason my antigen.zsh isn't even loading.
The response I'm getting begins with: 'sed: can't read antigen: No such file or directory'
I'm loading Antigen from my .zshrc file with the line : 'source ~/antigen.zsh'
David Napier
Running antigen version 2.2.2
David Napier
Hmm.. I've narrowed down the issue to something in my .alias and .functions dotfiles.
David Napier
Figured it out, was due ot the placement of my line initiating antigen.zsh
I'm having trouble with my antigen install. Running antigen bundle <name> returns, bundle is already installed
Even when it is not.
A new zsh shell shows none of the modules are available
Gio Borje
Hi all, the last commit for this project was at Jan. 2018 on the 'develop' branch. Is this project still active?
Ben Klein
Most people I know have moved on to other plugin managers by now, including myself.
Jordane GENGO
Hello everyone! I'm having an issue with oh-my-zsh and antigen.
When I write : source ~/.zshrc ; it's going thru all my bundles : Seems X is already installed! but it doesn't give me back the prompt (or should I say the PS1, I've to quit my terminal and open it again. I didn't find any help on google about that
Jordane GENGO
Jordane GENGO
how do i even start with antigen?
is there some video?
please help
How make antigen load bundle from different git repos like GitHub/gitlab/bitbucket/other private server ?
Hi, just getting started with antigen and a problem I have is trying to use a custom theme instead of a pre-defined theme. My custom theme is basically the agnoster theme but I changed the prompt inside 'prompt_dir()' (just a small change, I set prompt_dir to'prompt_segment blue $CURRENT_FG '%~ λ' , ie just the addition of the lambda symbol to the prompt. When I did this before using antigen, it worked ok in oh-my-zsh, which simply picked up my new theme which I named agnoster-lambda.zsh and saved it into ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes. However, when I set my new theme with antigen (antigen theme agnoster-lambda; antigen apply), when I then start a new session, it simply hangs! So how do I use my own custum theme with antigen? Thanks
Doug James
I know this is very vague - but just trying to get a handle to where to look for problems. New antigen install, using oh-my-zsh, but no bundles added yet. Antigen apply throws "-antigen-cache-generate:zcompile:65: bad option: -s" - is this a common/known mis-config? Where would I start to troubleshoot?
Antigen v2.2.3, zsh 5.8