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Repo info
    كيف الحال ؟
    How are u ?
    my question is :
    How to use this plugin to connect to owncloud app
    Antony Jones
    Should be very easy.
    Use this class as an example:
    Replace the relevant URLs with the ones in the wiki page you posted
    then reference it in your config
    You can probably drop the line:
    Preconditions.checkValidUrl(config.getCallback(), "Must provide a valid url as callback. Foursquare2 does not support OOB");
    entirely, as it's foursquare specific.
    Ravi Hasija
    Hey Antony, I could not find documentation mentioned on the page here: http://grails.org/plugin/oauth
    I would like to use the plugin but documentation would definitely help!
    Max Tuzzolino
    Confirmed on my end too. Cannot access documentation.
    Antony Jones
    I've fixed the link on the wiki - sorry guys.
    Ejaz Ahmed
    Hi antony, thanx for fixing this
    but readme still points to a different link which has 404
    Simmilarly, https://grails.org/plugin/oauth this page has doc button pointing to a page which result in 404 . The link at the bottom is however working
    Ignacio Ocampo
    Hello team, I'm trying to use Oauth with Grails 3.1.1, but I can't find good documentation
    Antony Jones
    Hi @nafiux - what documentation would you be looking for?
    Diego Mendes
    Hi @antony I am trying without success import the plugin grails-oauth-scribe to my grails 2.3.6 project. oauth:4.0.0 is compatible with grails 2.3.6?
    Antony Jones
    Version 4.0.0 is only compatible with Grails 3 > *
    Priyanshu kumar
    how to connect this plugin with facebook
    Srikanth Nutigattu

    Can someone suggest best way to implement Google sign-in for Grails 3 REST APIs.
    Our application is a webapp (Angular/Vue) backed by a Grails 3 REST backend.
    Basically, this is what we intend to do:

    1. Have google sign-in on the front-end.
    2. The front end authenticates with Google and gets the id_token from google and send it to back end ie Grails REST webservices.

    3. The backend need to revalidate the token, and associate with a app User for roles etc...

    So, I assume, once the token is received by back end, need to validate with Google, if valid create a Authentication object for spring security context holder.

    Is there any Grails 3 plugin that support REST API approach for Google Sign
    am trying to send but keep getting back a [404]:null after it passes from the filtrer. Trying to see what happens with an intercvept but it never makes it to the interceptor. And I don't see an interceptor in the plugin. Have any clue what copuld be causing this? filterchain is handing off fine.
    trying to duplicate the taglib as you don't have curl instructions
    is the the right url to call the plugin controller?? "http://localhost:8080/oauth/google/authenticate?redirectUrl=/"