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Repo info
    كيف الحال ؟
    How are u ?
    my question is :
    How to use this plugin to connect to owncloud app
    Antony Jones
    Should be very easy.
    Use this class as an example:
    Replace the relevant URLs with the ones in the wiki page you posted
    then reference it in your config
    You can probably drop the line:
    Preconditions.checkValidUrl(config.getCallback(), "Must provide a valid url as callback. Foursquare2 does not support OOB");
    entirely, as it's foursquare specific.
    Ravi Hasija
    Hey Antony, I could not find documentation mentioned on the page here: http://grails.org/plugin/oauth
    I would like to use the plugin but documentation would definitely help!
    Max Tuzzolino
    Confirmed on my end too. Cannot access documentation.
    Antony Jones
    I've fixed the link on the wiki - sorry guys.
    Ejaz Ahmed
    Hi antony, thanx for fixing this
    but readme still points to a different link which has 404
    Simmilarly, https://grails.org/plugin/oauth this page has doc button pointing to a page which result in 404 . The link at the bottom is however working
    Ignacio Ocampo
    Hello team, I'm trying to use Oauth with Grails 3.1.1, but I can't find good documentation
    Antony Jones
    Hi @nafiux - what documentation would you be looking for?
    Diego Mendes
    Hi @antony I am trying without success import the plugin grails-oauth-scribe to my grails 2.3.6 project. oauth:4.0.0 is compatible with grails 2.3.6?
    Antony Jones
    Version 4.0.0 is only compatible with Grails 3 > *
    Priyanshu kumar
    how to connect this plugin with facebook
    Srikanth Nutigattu

    Can someone suggest best way to implement Google sign-in for Grails 3 REST APIs.
    Our application is a webapp (Angular/Vue) backed by a Grails 3 REST backend.
    Basically, this is what we intend to do:

    1. Have google sign-in on the front-end.
    2. The front end authenticates with Google and gets the id_token from google and send it to back end ie Grails REST webservices.

    3. The backend need to revalidate the token, and associate with a app User for roles etc...

    So, I assume, once the token is received by back end, need to validate with Google, if valid create a Authentication object for spring security context holder.

    Is there any Grails 3 plugin that support REST API approach for Google Sign