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Repo info
Hello, anyone here? :smile:
Anyway, here's my question: in VivaGraphJS, is there any way to stop the user from dragging nodes while running a layout algorithm ?
I'm using SVG btw.
Andrei Kashcha
Hi qdis, nothing like that is available out of the box. You can add overlay on top of the svg element, which would prevent user actions, and remove it when not required anymore. If you don't want to let users interact with nodes, you can disable it at global level, using this guideline: https://github.com/anvaka/VivaGraphJS/tree/master/demos/other/input-override#no-interaction
John Wehr
Is there an API for node events like mouseEnter when using svgGraphics?
Andrei Kashcha
One question, is there any problem of compatibility with VivaGraphJS? Is just to know..!
Andrei Kashcha
@ArnauC what kind of problem?
hey...I am facing a problem while creating graphs. Data Points are spread very far.....How bring them closer?
also...I am using the library for a big data project. Data points could be in millions...Can this library render such huge graphs? If not, please suggest something. n BTW anvaka....superb work sir :smile:
Andrei Kashcha
@rishabh-jain thanks :)! No, vivagraph cannot do millions interactively. You can however try using graphviz (sfdp layout) http://www.graphviz.org/ to layout graph offline. With vivagraph (or ngraph modules, to be more accurate) I was able to do offline layout for graphs with 100-300k nodes, and up to 1million edges. You can find example here: http://anvaka.github.io/allnpmviz3d/ (click "about" to see source code). This is not reusable component yet, but I'm working on it.
as for keeping them closer - try playing with the force settings
Andrei Kashcha
this is the offline layouter used by npm visualizatoin: https://github.com/anvaka/ngraph.offline.layout
Thanks anvaka :smile: Will try it out...dont know how much I will be able to..still :smile: cheers!!
BTW..its a beautiful piece of work anvaka...not patronizing you but seriously mate only If I could do it as well..I would like to learn from you.....do reply if you can on write.rishabhjain@gmail.com
Osmar Cavalcante
Hi there! Is there anyone here using vivagraph/ngraph for adding/removing nodes dinamically?
Andrei Kashcha
@osmarpixuri i do this very often :)
Larry Hengl
hi @anvaka, great work, enjoyed the CascadiaJS vid. i'm starting to explore ngraph.pixel (and then pm) with a demo dataset of about 30K edges, currently formatted in a TSV file with columns for Node1, Node2, Stat1, Stat2. I'm thinking the Stat cols would be toggle-able edge weights. Any advice or awareness of libs I can use to load it into ngraph.graph format? Or roll my own loader?
Andrei Kashcha
I think making your own loader should be the easiest way to go...
Hi Anvaka I'm using your graph to visualize ontology in my university study project. But my supervisor wants me to find out what algorithm is used in vivagraphJS can you help me with that. Does it have a name?
Gabriel SoHappy
Has anyone tried making the nodes editable?
Hi Andrei. Some really cool stuff in your repos ! Do any of your libraries do offline 3d layout for graphs ?
Hi Is there an example of building this graph from a json file ? Please do let me know
Leon Pham
Hi, have anyone tried implementing Vivagraph with React.js?
Thanks anvaka for your library realy it's healpful
but I need to run it for some of my customers who hasn't a high specs computer. So I decided to buy a high rendering VGA card and try to run a code on server side insted of client side. can I do that and how?
@anvaka when using ngraph.pixel what is your advice for adding text labels to nodes? Use TextGeometry, or an absolutely positioned element (like the tooltip), or something else?
Andrei Kashcha
@palafranchise I'd go with absolutely positioned elements. They are way easier to customize than text geometries
Andrei Kashcha
@MonkeyChap check this out: https://github.com/anvaka/pm - all graphs have links to offline layouters. If your graph is huge (more than 1 million nodes) I'd go with https://github.com/anvaka/ngraph.native otherwise you can try https://github.com/anvaka/ngraph.offline.layout
Hi @anvaka , I've forked some of your repos for layout to port on cytoscape and try adding some webWorkers for qtree. Nice algo