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there's definitely a connection to redis, which I read can be an issue. So, I'm left to believe that wild card certificates aren't compatible?
but works in the browser OK, just not nvl
Hi guys, I'm in the middle of evaluating different SSO solutions (currently using Keycloak). I had a question regarding couple of features that are show stoppers for my company. I noticed in the past that there was a discussion about being able to configure multiple login pages based on domain or subdomain. I didn't find a ticket related to it. Was there a decision reached? If so is it possible to do that now? Also the other question is impersonation. Is it available? If not, is it possible to add customization to allow impersonation of other users? and would that customization make it difficult to upgrade to newer releases? If this all documented somewhere please feel free to point me there and I can take a look but I couldn't find any details related to it. Thank you.
Matt Walters
Hi all. Is this project still maintained?
Currently deciding between it and KeyCloak.
Roland Quast
I think it's kind of abandoned, but the code still works fine . You need to modify a few of the provider implementations and the oauth2 implementation to make it work properly with odd providers like github, but if you like javascript and how easy it is to debug, it's pretty good.
if you want a turnkey solution, i'd look at keycloak or something else
@JoelleS_M_twitter why are you looking at leaving keycloak out of interest?
Jan Opravil
It is possible to change user password through api call?
I'm trying change user password using user.update but it does not work. Is it possible to change user password through api call?
Joelle Skaff Merwin
@Rquast sorry for some reason accessing this chat on my phone is a mess. Anyway I wanted to say the reason I was considering leaving keycloak is because we need to support multiple login pages which to be able to do require customization that is a sometimes a pain to maintain. Also the other reason because we were trying to implement native google login for mobile as well Facebook ask and that doesn’t work in keycloak at the moment without having to do some work outside of keycloak
Joelle Skaff Merwin
Sorry for the random tag @mateodelnorte
Roland Quast
@joelle_skaff_twitter ahh okay, yes I think anvil is great for customization because the code's so easy to work with. I had to modify it a bit for github to work properly, but I guess it's a lot easier to modify a few javascript files than recompiling class files and packaging the up into jar files with java (keycloak). I recommend anvil if you have the time to spend on working on it. It's great.
@opravil-jan yes, you can change the password via api, but i do that with a realm token through a server to auth server call
@joelle_skaff_twitter debugging is also easy with chrome too.. I can debug it from a docker container with --inspect when I have problems
Joelle Skaff Merwin
@rquast we ended up sticking with keycloak because one of the main requirements is that there is continuous work on the project and updates and up to date documentation.
Roland Quast
@joelle_skaff_twitter Probably a wise decision unless you're prepared to take on the whole project. Good luck with keycloak!
Michał Bogdan
Hi, was writing my own poor - man's - auth server solely for my apps / organisation and today I've found about anvil ... was wondering if you support roles for users and if so - is recursive dependencies between roles are supported ... so User A has granted role B, B has granted role C, C has granted role D etc... so will user A have granted role D ?
Roland Quast
@BogdanMichal_twitter not exactly.. roles are given scopes.. like an admin role would be given an admin and a user scope.. a user role would just be given a user scope. There's no dependencies, but you control the granularity by what scopes a role has.
you use the scopes to check if they're allowed to do something
Ngọc Thanh
Is this project still updated?
something is too old
Ngọc Thanh
I found anvil is so great, but I wonder why it slow update?
Josh Cole
Hey all! I'm in need of a contract Full-Stack Node.js Developer to work on a couple of very lucrative projects for me. I run an innovation tech consultancy - we work on lots of discovery projects and get to play around with new technology all the time. Email josh@recombix.com or reply here.
Ido Shamun
Hi! Does Anvil support machine to machine authentication?
Jan Opravil
Hello, I run to a problem with sessions in anvil. In redis when I check session record it has expires = null. Is it correct?
Nicola Racco
Good morning. I'm considering the adoption of Anvil for a new project in my company. But I have a question that I cannot answer looking at the website/doc.
I create a project and I can create users from CLI. Then I can integrate it with my app via OAuth2, so I can now press login, visit Anvil login form and come back to my app as a logged in user.
But how can I change my email and password?
Jan Opravil
Hello. I have a problem I have lot of sessions in redis which does not expire quickly. We switch expiration time to one hour but still we have about 20000 sessions in redis. Can you help me how to reduce the amount of sessions please?
Kem Elbrader
Quick question, can Anvil be used as a SAML IdP?
Frank Kubis
Hi, I am looking for central user management / sso provider for my online community and found anvil. Questions: Does some successfull use it for discourse and rocket.chat? And is there a official docker container?
Why this project is not listed here ? : https://openid.net/developers/libraries/
abandoned project working on ory ?
it looks like this project was mostly abandoned around october of 2015
Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
is this project dead?
Christian Smith
Please see the announcement posted to anvil.io
Christian Smith
Good luck, everyone.
anybody looking for a good alternative, check out keycloak
Camille Foubert
@christiansmith : Sad news, but I expected this ending ... Anyway I'm glad that I have the last commit ;-) Good luck for the next !
Jordan Ellis Coppard
Where is the documentation for Anvil?
I'm looking to replace Auth0 as I'm getting a tonne of CORS issues and I cannot even get Login to work with them
Christian Smith
@hito we’ve archived this work for reasons outlined in the announcement on anvil.io
The docs were always a work in progress and we spent a lot of time individually helping folks get things running
You should be able to find links to the docs in the readme for the main repo, but I’d caution you against deploying to production because we’re not able to actively maintain this code
I switched to https://fusionauth.io and it seems to be working for me quite well
Anybody looking for a good alternative, check out authing github.com/authing/authing