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Vinayak Mehta
It's possible that the role associated with your user might not have the necessary permissions to pause / unpause a dag.
You can try creating a user with the admin role using airflow create_user.
Vinayak Mehta
You can check out the permissions for all default roles here: https://airflow.apache.org/docs/stable/security.html#default-roles

hi all, question regarding task parallelism,
my configuration :
parallelism = 2000
dag_concurrency = 100
worker_concurrency = 100
max_threads = 20
workers = 20

but why the max number of running task in DAG is 14

Ash Berlin-Taylor
Show us the dag? Have you set concurrency=14 at the dag level?
Hi All,
We recently upgraded to airflow version 1.10.7 and after migrating I am seeing issue with DAG permissions and DAG code modifications are not updating in WEB UI until I execute airflow sync_perm command manually. Am I missing anything ? Moreover when I schedule to run airflow sync_perm command over cron job it is not executing and throwing a message - "The sync_perm command only works for rbac UI". Moreover I am not able to see anything in UI related to this command either in roles or settings to automate this. After struggling for some time I saw a blog where it is mentioned with 1.10.x we can use flask-apidesigner instead of flask-admin UI. Can someone here help on my issue, is it something I missed during upgrade.
Hi All, Anyone to help me on above error ?
hello community i'm new in airflow since i will work with it to run some sparkJobs, i'm creating my first DAG i wanna use bashoperator with wget command but, in logs it seems like wget not found t1 = BashOperator(task_id="check_file_existe", bashcommand="mkdir ~/test && cd $ && wget https://github.com/Armelabdelkbir/homecloud/blob/master/deploy.xml -O test.xml ", retries=2, retry_delay=timedelta(seconds=15), dag=dag)
I recently upgraded to airflow 1.10.10 from airflow 1.10.2
After upgrade , the logs from any operator are not being printed to stdout but instead are redirected to the scheduler logs.
The logs are not visible in UI because of that , as I have redirected scheduler logs to other file.
I am using local logging , remote logging is off.
any help would be appriciated!
Prashant Koti 🇮🇳
Even i'm facing the same issue. Please share solution, if any
2 replies
Avinash Pallerlamudi
Hello All,
I've created a policy tag (column level security) on one of my PII column in a table in Google Big Query yesterday and this morning I've loaded the the same table (full refresh) using GoogleCloudStorageToBigQueryOperator. I see that my policy tags are gone. Will WRITE_TRUNCATE remove all the columns level securities on every refresh/load?
Hello All
I'm seeing below error frequently . Does anyone know work-around for this issue?
Executor reports task instance <TaskInstance: [queued]> finished (failed) although the task says its queued. Was the task killed externally?
Awaish Kumar
I am trying to create a docker image using this docker file but getting error PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/airflow'
# VERSION 1.10.9
# AUTHOR: Matthieu "Puckel_" Roisil
# DESCRIPTION: Basic Airflow container
# BUILD: docker build --rm -t puckel/docker-airflow .
# SOURCE: https://github.com/puckel/docker-airflow

FROM python:3.7-slim-buster
LABEL maintainer="Puckel_"

# Never prompt the user for choices on installation/configuration of packages
ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive
ENV TERM linux

# Airflow
ARG AIRFLOW_USER_HOME=/usr/local/airflow

# Define en_US.

# Disable noisy "Handling signal" log messages:

COPY id_rsa ~/.ssh/id_rsa
COPY id_rsa.pub ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
RUN set -ex \
    && buildDeps=' \
        freetds-dev \
        libkrb5-dev \
        libsasl2-dev \
        libssl-dev \
        libffi-dev \
        libpq-dev \
        git \
    ' \
    && apt-get update -yqq \
    && apt-get upgrade -yqq \
    && apt-get install -yqq --no-install-recommends \
        $buildDeps \
        freetds-bin \
        build-essential \
        default-libmysqlclient-dev \
        apt-utils \
        curl \
        rsync \
        netcat \
        locales \
        git  \
        openssh-server \
    && sed -i 's/^# en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8$/en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8/g' /etc/locale.gen \
    && locale-gen \
    && update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 \
    && useradd -ms /bin/bash -d ${AIRFLOW_USER_HOME} airflow \
    && pip install -U pip setuptools wheel \
    && pip install pytz \
    && pip install pyOpenSSL \
    && pip install ndg-httpsclient \
    && pip install pyasn1 \
    && pip install dataclasses \
    && pip install apache-airflow==1.10.10 \
 --constraint https://raw.githubusercontent.com/apache/airflow/1.10.10/requirements/requirements-python3.7.txt \
    && pip install 'redis==3.2' \
    && if [ -n "${PYTHON_DEPS}" ]; then pip install ${PYTHON_DEPS}; fi \
    && apt-get purge --auto-remove -yqq $buildDeps \
    && apt-get autoremove -yqq --purge \
    && apt-get clean \
    && rm -rf \
        /var/lib/apt/lists/* \
        /tmp/* \
        /var/tmp/* \
        /usr/share/man \
        /usr/share/doc \

COPY entrypoint.sh /entrypoint.sh
COPY airflow.cfg ${AIRFLOW_USER_HOME}/airflow.cfg

RUN chown -R airflow: ${AIRFLOW_USER_HOME}

EXPOSE 8080 5555 8793

USER airflow
ENTRYPOINT ["/entrypoint.sh"]
CMD ["webserver"]
File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/logging/config.py", line 571, in configure
webserver_1  |     '%r' % name) from e
webserver_1  | ValueError: Unable to configure handler 'processor'

Hi, I am receiving an error in the web server UI:

DAG "as400_csv_daily" seems to be missing.

It happens every time I click in one dag to see the details.

The dag folder is different than the default one:

dags_folder = /git/dags/dags

I entered in the container and checked that the dags are placed in that folder.

I can see in the logs just this entry:

Filling up the DagBag from /dev/null
Joao Da Silva
Hi, I am looking at the docs in https://airflow.apache.org/docs/stable/executor/celery.html and the section with Workers –> DAG files - Reveal the DAG structure and execute the tasks and I would like to know if workers can handle serialised Dags as well ? thanks
Marwane Bel-lahcen
i get this error
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/socket.py", line 745, in getaddrinfo
for res in _socket.getaddrinfo(host, port, family, type, proto, flags):
socket.gaierror: [Errno -2] Name or service not known
for sending mail
Ash Berlin-Taylor
@jsilva No, workers don't currently operator on serialized dags, they still need the real dag files to work against.
We can't serialize custom operators, and nor (reliably) serialize callbacks or code for PythonOperator, so we took the decision to not change how the workers operate right now
Joao Da Silva
@ashb thank you


If I deploy Airflow with Authentication:


I receive an error:

DAG "as400_csv_daily" seems to be missing.

This error disappear if I set this variable:


But then the problem is in the scheduler when the Kubernetes worker has to execute a dag:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'dns_operators'

This dns_operators is a python folder inside of the project.

Any idea?


@ashb could be because of the serialized dags?? As I am using a custom operator in a Kubernetes Executor.

I imagine that the better would be not to serialise the dags, but then the authentication fails

Ash Berlin-Taylor
Serialisation only affects webserver - executors and scheduler still use dag files
Problem sounds like the missing module

Thanks @ashb, you have helped me a lot just to discard scenarios. In this case the problem is coming with custom modules that are defined inside of the dags folder.

The Dag execution works fine when everything is deployed in a standalone version or from docker, but using the Kubernetes executor it happens:

  1. It works fine for a simple Dag that uses BashOperators.
  2. It does not work with custom modules that are embedded in the dags folder.

When the dag is being sent to the worker, it is being send just the python file that contains the dag, or it is being sent all the dags folder?

This is the Kubernetes configuration I set for the workers:

      worker_container_repository = apache/airflow
      worker_container_tag = 1.10.10-python3.7
      worker_container_image_pull_policy = IfNotPresent

What I noticed, and I think is part of the problem is this log:

[2020-06-29 17:48:47,124] {dagbag.py:396} INFO - Filling up the DagBag from /git/dags/dags/isa_store_zoning_daily.py

Why the dagbag is being filled up with the specific dag, and not from /git/dags/dags/

in the scheduler config:
dags_folder = /git/dags/dags
I have a plugin registered with airflow. Even after removing the plugin script from the plugins folder, its still available. How to deregister or remove the necessary dependencies of a plugin. Even after removing all contents, it still gets the data from pycache folder( inspite of removing it)
Joao Da Silva
Hello, I'm using the remote logging option with remote_base_log_folder storing the log files on S3. This adds the logs to S3 but does not remove them locally. I guess I was wondering how other people are dealing with large amount of log files filling up their disks in production. Any tips please ?
Ho to fix the error fom production docker imagesModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'airflow.providers'
I have Admin role in Airflow. Recently, I just noticed that I cannot pause/unpause a DAG in the Airflow UI. I am using v 1.10.10.
1 reply
I can pause or unpause it using the airflow cli.
hi, how we pass parameter from Jenkins.

adan_geno Hi everybody,

check out the new platform:

hi, all, my airflow version is 1.10.8, and there are 3000 dags, the duration between task and task is about 3mins, it's a bit too long for us, so we want to optimize the platform, is there any idea?
run_duration = -1
num_runs = -1
processor_poll_interval = 1
min_file_process_interval = 0
dag_dir_list_interval = 300
store_serialized_dags = True
min_serialized_dag_update_interval = 600
i found a bug in the new version above 1.10.8: if you run the no_status task whose upstream tasks are already success in the UI, then you will get an dependencies not met error, is there any one get this situation?
i update airflow source code:
vim airflow/serialization/serialized_objects.py +582
replace the code :dag.task_dict[task_id]._upstream_task_ids.add(task_id) # pylint: disable=protected-access
Hi All, I had a question regarding the ExternalTaskSensor. The operator requires the parent DAG's run date to exactly match the child DAG's run date(along with timestamp) , otherwise it keeps poking the parent task. Is that correct? I was thinking it will consider the most recent run for the same date if timedelta/execution_dt_fn is not provided.
Mohit Bhandari
Hi Everyone , good evening i am new to apache-airflow , i have setup it on my local env but when i run it from UI it got stucked at Adding at queue
[2020-08-14 19:30:09,730] {base_executor.py:58} INFO - Adding to queue: ['airflow', 'run', 'hello_world', 'hello_task', '2020-08-14T14:00:07.217726+00:00', '--local', '--pool', 'default_pool', '-sd', '/Users/user/airflow/dags/hello_world.py']
same i can run with command line
any help?