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Benjamin Rau
@ziobudda_twitter because you defined it as a item operation (_api_item_operation_name). Item operations require an id. did you plan to create a collection operation instead? then define it under collectionOperations and set it in action as _api_collection_operation_name
Alex Martin
@benjamin_rau_twitter indeed it was, I found it eventually, thanks! :)
Shweta Kumari
Screenshot from 2018-03-04 14-06-45.png
Hello Everyone,I am getting this problem.Please share the sloution to slove this error
Mbechezi Mlanawo
@Shweta4321 upgrade your docker-compose
Hello guys, i have an issue with creating model as well as embedded relation. Can you help me please. Couldn't find any help in docs or SO. I have relation Billing and relation FiscalDocument (OneToOne). I trying create new Billing with related FiscalDocument in one POST request like this. { "gatewayName": "alfabank", "fiscalDocument": { "name": "name" } }
But i got error "Expected argument of type \"App\\Entity\\FiscalDocument\", \"array\" given.",
Because of in setter i using type-hinting public function setFiscalDocument(FiscalDocument $fiscalDocument): void
I tried set denormalization groups, it didnt help. Array is not converting to entity object. How can i achieve it?
Help please guys
Baptiste Meyer
you should try the #api-platform channel of https://symfony.com/slack-invite @DrummerKH
Very thank you. I resolved the issue.
Guys, who can review last comment api-platform/core#1025
Hello, anyone knows how to handle pagination in a custom querybuilder? thx
Hi ! Is it normal that PRE_WRITE is triggered in GET method with nothing persisted in ?
nvm, it's clearly written in doc examples
I created a custom action for an entity, and its route overrides @id route :( What should I do ?

Hi guys,

Can I have a search filter sample in yaml?
I think it need to be registered as service, but I don't know how to set arguments, tags etc. correctly.

need help running rest api call based on event triggger
Adel Eskić

Hello everyone, how would i create one controller with one api link in Web api 2 Asp.Net to respond on received data by action that is in that data.

For example i receive this data


and now i need to respond based on this "action" value. If there is some other action value like "incrementVallet" i need to respond with with different data,and all that from one API link etc...

Micha Hobert
Site is down?
not anymore
Micha Hobert
Is there a more detailed docu on https://github.com/api-platform/admin ? I do not get how I deploy this or run it
@Isengo1989 Come on the symfony slack in the api-platform channel
You will find more people to help you ;)
Micha Hobert
@toofff thanks, I found a way after all, I overread the documentation. Thanks for the hint tho :)
hey,any API structures in php
does anyone here have an account for genderize
Hello guys, I just started using API-platform. Can anybody tell how to send an email when an entity is created?
Go to slack symfony channel api platform please 😉
Fintan Moloney
Hi, how do you implement OOP within Maven when creating an API? Can't find much revelent stuff from Google.
Do you have to manipulate the POM file to create a dependency?
Dan Crack
Hey guys - I have a custom controller with an __invoke and as part of the request data I have an entity IRI that I want to load the entity from - is there some IRITransformer I can use or should I be creating a custom DataTransformer or something? The overall request is arbitrary and does not relate to a specific entity
Also is this the best place to ask this or is there a slack or something elsewhere?
Ah found the slack
Digbeu Ahiboh
Please how to install Api Platform on symfony 3.4
i try to do it but when i add ApiResource in my Entity i have an error
The route "api_categories_get_collection" of the resource "Categorie" was not found.
Alex Turchak
Hello, who knows how I can sort routes
Now I have
and when I call /api/users/{id}/premium_accesses route /api/users/{id} catching my query
Yeleup Magzhan
Can you answer this question?
Antonio Masotti

Hi everyone,

is there a way to get the request in custom DataProviders?
The ItemDataProviderInterface takes $id as argument, which comes from the request, but I'd like to get the headers as well