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    Apoorv Mittal
    hi i need help
    anyone there ?
    As a team, sometimes we need to know who is writing this interface. If you can add the author's notes in the future, it will be very convenient for the team members to communicate, and we look forward to taking our advice.
    左侧 导航 可以收缩吗?
    apidoc is cool!
    but api group and api name will be replaced with '_' if language is chinese
    what is the best way to host api doc ?
    Hüseyin Kozan
    Hi, how can we learn the version ? Couldnt find --version arg.
    Praveen Agre
    Hello Can I add another module doc to api?
    Hello Is there a way I can add content of python variable to apic doc string?
    Will Rosenberg
    Hello, I'm curious what the Official way to indicate a file download as a successful response? I need this for two methods which don't return JSON: One method forces a download, and the other echoes the file's contents.
    hola buenas tardes, soy nuevo en el tema de apidoc y de documentaciones y estoy muy interasado sobre este tema
    y pues videos de instalacion y de uso hay muy pocos
    quisisera saber si pudieran ayudarme
    Neel Bhannushali
    Hi guys
    I'm using apidoc with laravel
    Is there a way to use apidoc without require js
    IntelliJ IDEA has a plugin named apiDoc
    Neel Bhannushali
    Hi guys
    I'm using apidoc with laravel
    Is there a way to use apidoc without require js
    do not know
    @neelbhanushali Hi, i use apidoc with laravel. apidoc installed globaly.
    Has anyone create an apidoс plugin?
    How add custom option from plugin ?
    Hey Team,
    I was trying to generate swagger.json from apidoc to swagger, with a convertor: gulp-apidoc-swagger
    But it doesn't seem to be given me the output for defined success and error responses.
    Any idea why ?
    Neel Bhannushali
    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to make apidoc available as a route in web, so that I can apply one time authentication to the route.
    And I've made it happen
    Thanks for the help :)
    Dante Barba
    we are planning on using apidocs in my company due to it's simplicity. The only issue that we can't seem to get around it's the fact that we have multiple microservices and we would like to have all these docs in one page, with an index. The idea is that in the table of contents you should have a list of all available APIs and when you click on the desired API you get the corresponding docs. Has anyone done something similar?
    Deniz Jusufovic
    @neelbhanushali Can you please share your solution?
    I tried putting the ApidocServiceProvider manually before the RouteServiceProvider and putting the mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator package in "dont-discover" in the composer.json but nothing seems to work. I am trying to achieve the same thing as you are.
    Thanks :)
    Neel Bhannushali

    @DenizJ I didn't use any composer package to do this.
    I installed apidoc globally as @risekit did.

    My command to generate apidoc was apidoc -i path/to/folder -o public/apidocs

    To see the apidocs, I had go to url http://localhost:8000/apidocs/index.html

    I made some changes in the template so that I could add a route that outputs public > apidocs > index.html as a view
    Neel Bhannushali


    I'm using sample request plugin to show a form so that a apidoc can be readily used as a client to test api

    Neel Bhannushali

    In one api there are nested parameters

     * @apiParam {Object} user
     * @apiParam {String} user.name
     * @apiParam {Email} user.email

    When I write the apidoc like this, the request that is sent goes in this manner: https://pasteboard.co/IO6miiL.png

    I need in this manner:
    Marcelo Azevedo
    I need a good template
    To custom my documentation
    The default template is not to good to look
    Do you have any place to refer me?
    Peter Rottmann
    @marceloazevedo77 You can clone the template and modify it to your needs: https://github.com/apidoc/apidoc/tree/master/template Currently i have no link to other public templates.
    is there some way to get a object represent of api-doc? i want to use it to generate some client api.
    Nicolas CARPi
    didn't realize there was a gitter room!
    to everyone reading this, please try and build the doc with your project from the master branch of apidoc/apidoc, a lot of things have changed!
    what's the difference between dubbo-spring-cloud and dubbo-spring-boot?
    Nicolas CARPi