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Feb 2016
Matt Holmes
Feb 23 2016 20:57
Do 'debug' overrides actually work, as the config states they do? Currently node-inspector has an issue where if you start it using 'node-debug', it can't be connected to remotely, but if you run node-inspector first you can...which is fine, I can tweak my fuge config to work with this issue, but my 'debug' overrides are not being respected
Matt Holmes
Feb 23 2016 22:18
well I figured out the node-inspector issue (wonky Vagrant networking), but I'd still love to know if debug overrides work :)
Jeffry Gonzalez
Feb 23 2016 23:02
Hey all - finally getting some time to dig into fuge again. Man, I love it. Not sure if this is an issue, but I noticed on the Dockerfile for the scaffolded site there is an entry for ADD public/package.json /public - there is no package.json in the public folder, so it failed. Should there be a package.json there? Doesn't seem so. Thanks.
Happy to add a GH issue, just want to make sure I'm not misunderstandng this, first.
Matt Holmes
Feb 23 2016 23:53
hmm, I may drop in a pull request to tweak the way debugging works right now...the way it just infinitely ticks up a port number doesn't work real well with Vagrant, would be awesome if it "pinned" a port to the service name
so the first time you start serviceA it uses 8080, and will "pin" 8080 to serviceA until fuge shell is restarted, so I don't have to expose more than say 10 or 12 ports out of Vagrant, that I Know my services will use one of