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Apr 2016
Rocky Assad
Apr 26 2016 21:46
hi @mitchellparsons
Apr 26 2016 21:46
S McDowall
Apr 26 2016 22:45
So am I missing where any / all the documentation for fuge is? Intro — examples — etc. etc?
Adrian Rossouw
Apr 26 2016 23:18
there isn’t much of it. sadly.
it was on my list before i got sucked into module curation
it should be pretty self explanatory once you get a new system set up with fuge generate system
in your current dir, it will create a new system with 2 seneca based services, a hapi or express based REST layer on top of them, and a static file server for hosting your client side app on
you can then run it using fuge shell fuge/system.yml and start
the readme is relatively up to date, but the animated gif on that page is not,. it still shows an old version of the generators being run