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Sep 2016
Celso Bem dos Santos
Sep 09 2016 11:02
@mcdonnelldean thank you for your reply. I saw it stating running as process, however, the defined ports are not being bound for some reason. my API run on port 8000, for instance, and when running on fuge, unless I explicitly define the port, it will start attributing 10k range ports.. is this how it's supposed to be?
Dean McDonnell
Sep 09 2016 13:24
Could you open an issue with the details? Add in your config and OS please? That sounds a bit odd
Celso Bem dos Santos
Sep 09 2016 14:39
@mcdonnelldean I'm still investigating the issue. I'm suspecting it's a problem with code from a merge that has probably wen't wrong. After I'm sure the problem is not code, I'll open the issue if required. thanks :)